Finding affordable healthcare as a university student

Finding affordable healthcare as a university student

Feeling unwell, but cannot afford a visit to a local GP? This is a problem faced by a large number of university students, both domestic and international. As a university student, you are always on the go, from attending classes, completing assignments, studying for exams and maintaining a work-life balance in general. However, this busy lifestyle will often leave you running low on energy and prone to illness. Whilst it is easy to try ignoring your symptoms and suffer in silence, you’ll most likely only make your condition worse and therefore much harder to treat quickly.

Instant Consult enables you to immediately open a secure dialogue about your health with a qualified GP over video call. The service allows you to quickly get a diagnosis, medical certificate, prescription and even specialist referrals all without needing to leave your home. If you have any questions, see our FAQ page. Once you have signed up and logged on to our app or website, there will be more detailed queries for you to explore.

Affordable and transparent

In order to see the doctor, you would normally have to pay expensive fees upwards of $65. Fortunately, Instant Consult is a free mobile app that can immediately connect you to a qualified GP who can diagnose your condition. This service offers an extremely competitive rate lower than that of any private practice. Also, don’t worry if you are an international student as the same rates apply to everyone.

The video calls are automatically timed and billed so there’s never any confusion about how much your consult will cost.

Convenient and on the go

Traditionally when you need to see a doctor you have to book an appointment with their receptionist, travel to their clinic and sit in a waiting room amongst other sick people. With Instant Consult you are able to easily “Request a Consult” and the first available doctor will connect with you whenever you need – day and night, 7 days a week. This is especially useful for students who are poor on time, and may struggle to find a medical centre they can visit during their busy schedule.

Seamless and integrated service

Instant Consult has recently partnered up with leading Australian pharmacies to offer a streamlined healthcare experience. This enables our doctors to issue digital prescriptions that can be directly sent to a participating pharmacy (see our Pharmacy Directory) for immediate collection. If, in the unlikely circumstance your local pharmacy is not included, we can organise to have the prescription posted directly to you.

To take advantage of our service, simply visit the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android to download the Instant Consult app and register your details. After this, you will have instant access to video consultations with fully qualified, registered and experienced Australian doctors. If you don’t want to or are unable to use the app on your smartphone you can visit our website where you can sign up and login through your web browser on your computer or laptop.

What can we do for you? Instant Consult specialises in Medical Certificates, Prescriptions, Referrals, Pathology Requests & Radiology Requests.

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