Get your sick certificate online

3 great reasons to get your medical certificate online

It’s Monday morning, your stomach aches and you’re keeping yourself within sprinting distance of a toilet. You don’t think you can make it to work today, too bad right?

Unfortunately your next thought is that you need to go obtain a doctor’s note to hand to your boss, because how else would they ever believe you were sick? The problem is that you’re already too sick to go to work, so you’re likely too sick to travel all the way to the doctor’s clinic and back.

Luckily, with Instant Consult, you can now talk to a doctor via your phone and get a medical certificate online without ever leaving your bed! Let’s take a closer look at why getting your medical certificates online is so much better than physically attending a doctor’s appointment.

Greater convenience

The biggest and most obvious benefit of getting a medical certificate online is that you don’t need to leave your home in order to attend a physical appointment. With Instant Consult’s app, you can instantly connect with a fully qualified doctor who can assess you via video consultation.

The doctor can then send a medical certificate online via your app’s dedicated inbox. You can then easily print the document to give to your employer, or email it direct.

This means that you can say goodbye to the depressing trips to the doctor’s office just for the sake of a special sick note.  No longer will you have to endure the inhumanity of the archetypal waiting room; complete with old magazines and unruly children.

Now you can quickly and easily engage with a doctor and get all the paperwork you need without even leaving your bed. The bonus is that our doctors can also issue electronic prescriptions, so you can get a script if necessary.

Quicker recovery

Because you no longer need to waste time and energy attending a physical doctor’s appointment your body will start recovering faster than if you were out running errands while you’re sick. With Instant Consult, you won’t even need to leave your bed to get a medical certificate online.

This means that the only place you’ll need to physically travel to is the pharmacy, and that’s only if the doctor prescribes you with something. If all you need is a day off, using Instant Consult means that the only place you’ll have to go is back to bed.

Healthier for you and everyone else

When it’s flu season the last thing you want to do is end up sitting in a waiting room surrounded by other sick people and their germs. There is the potential for others to spread their sickness to you and vice versa, so it’s always best to avoid this environment whenever you can.

It would be pointless to go to the doctor’s for one sickness only to come back with another you picked up from someone else. The best thing for you and society at large is to just stay at home and focus on recovery.

As you can see, there’s really no good reason not to get all your medical certificates online from now on. With the ability to sort out everything at your fingertips, Instant Consult lets you crawl back into bed so you can focus on feeling better!

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