Looking for ‘doctors near me’ or ‘GP near me’?

With Instant Consult, you don’t need to search for a ‘gp near me’ or ‘doctors near me’, because we connect you with a fully licensed practitioner via video call!

How Do I Find Good GP Doctors Near Me?

If you’re looking to talk to a doctor without driving far, your search ends here. With Instant Consult, you don’t need to look for a GP doctor near you because you can talk to an AHPRA-accredited medical practitioner wherever you are.

Our telehealth services connect you with some of Australia’s most trusted health professionals. So, whether you are at home in Victoria or on a road trip in the Australian outback, an Instant Consult doctor is always within your reach as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Simply grab your phone or laptop, hop on a video call, and a doctor will connect with you in 15 minutes or less. Our online doctors can provide a wide range of medical services, from general consultations to prescription refills and specialist referrals.

The best part? All necessary paperwork—referrals, medical certificates, and prescriptions—are sent electronically right after the consultation. That means no driving and no queuing in waiting rooms. You can receive the medical care you need wherever you need it.

Book your consultation now to get premium medical care from an Australian-registered doctor right at your fingertips.

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Finding a GP Doctor Near You Who Matches Your Needs

While Australia has some of the best healthcare in the world, finding a nearby general practitioner or medical professional isn’t always easy. Yes, key cities like Melbourne and Sydney have medical clinics in almost every corner. But if you’re in the rural areas, the nearest GP clinic could be miles away. Not to mention that you may have to wait days or weeks to secure a doctor’s appointment.

This is where telehealth steps in to bridge the gap. With Instant Consult, you can connect with an Australian registered doctor via video call from anywhere in the country. Whether you need medical advice for chronic disease management or a referral to a mental health specialist, our doctors can provide the health services you need right from the comfort of your own home. This is especially helpful if you’re in a location with fewer medical facilities.

Plus, we have doctors available from 6AM to midnight AEST every single day, even on public holidays. This means whether you need medical advice early in the morning or late at night, help is just a video call away. Instant Consult makes it easier than ever to manage your health on your schedule.

How to Connect With an Australian Doctor Online

Want to talk to a highly qualified Australian doctor without leaving home? Here’s how:

  1. Sign Up or Log In: First, download the Instant Consult app or go to www.instantconsult.com.au on your PC. For new patients, you will need to provide your details to sign up. If you’ve already signed up, simply login to your account.
  2. Request a Consult: Once logged in, simply click on ‘Request Consult’ to start. One of our doctors will connect with you within 15 minutes or less.
  3. Start Your Consultation: Talk to your doctor via video call. Tell them your medical concerns, symptoms, and any other health information they might need to assess your condition.
  4. Receive Care and Advice: Depending on your health needs, our doctor will provide advice, prescriptions, or referrals as needed.

Medical Services You Can Get Online

Like onsite general practice (GP) doctors, our online doctors also offer a wide range of medical services that you can access anywhere in Australia. This includes:

  • General Consultation: Talk about any health concerns and receive professional guidance on how to manage your well-being effectively.
  • Specialist Referrals: For conditions that require specialised care, like certain women’s health or men’s health issues, our doctors can connect you with the right specialist.
  • Pathology Test Referrals: Doctors can order blood tests, urine tests, and other screenings.
  • Radiology Requests: Receive requests for X-rays, MRIs, or other imaging.
  • Medical Certificates: Obtain certificates for work or school if you’re unable to attend due to illness.
  • Online Prescriptions: Get new prescriptions or script refills without waiting for GP appointments.
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When to Visit a Medical Centre

While online medical services offer convenience and accessibility, there are times when a visit to a medical centre is necessary. Here’s when you should consider going in person:

  • Physical Examinations: If you need a thorough physical check-up or a hands-on assessment, such as for physical injury, an in-person visit is essential.
  • Diagnostic Procedures: Certain tests, like imaging for chronic disease management or skin cancer screenings, require specific equipment only available at a medical clinic.
  • Complex Conditions: More serious or complicated health issues, such as severe mental health crises or acute conditions, may require direct care at a healthcare facility.
  • Immediate Care: Urgent symptoms that could indicate serious conditions like heart attack or stroke must be addressed immediately at the nearest emergency department.
  • Immunisations: Vaccinations need to be administered in person to ensure they are given safely and effectively.
  • Iron Infusion: Treatments like iron infusions require clinical supervision and equipment, making an in-person visit necessary.
  • Clearance Certificates: If you require a Mask Exemption, ‘Fit for Work’ Certificate, ‘Fit to Fly’ Certificate, Childcare/’Back to School’ Clearance, or Gym Cancellation Certificate – you will need to present to a GP in-person to undergo a physical examination and will not be able to use the Instant Consult service for these types of medical documents.
  • External Forms: Doctors at Instant Consult cannot fill out any third-party or external forms such as: Centrelink, University Forms, Work Cover, Inusrance Forms, a certificate for missing police station attendances, parole or court appearances, etc.
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Are Telehealth Doctors as Good as My Local GP?

Yes, our telehealth doctors are just as qualified as any local GP. All Instant Consult doctors are AHPRA-accredited and thoroughly vetted for their skills and experience. This means they meet Australia’s high standards for healthcare professionals and you can trust them to provide professional and reliable care.

Why Instant Consult?

At Instant Consult, we’ve made it our mission to make healthcare access simpler and more convenient. Here’s why choosing us is the best decision you’ll ever make:

  • Accessibility: You can speak to a doctor from anywhere in Australia, from early morning until midnight, even on public holidays. This flexibility makes it easy to fit a doctor’s appointment into your busy schedule.
  • Quick Service: No waiting in line or travelling to a clinic. You can have a consultation via video call and get the medical attention you need quickly.
  • Qualified Doctors: All doctors are AHPRA-accredited and thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet high standards of care.
  • Comprehensive Care: We offer a wide range of medical services, including prescriptions, medical certificates, and referrals.
  • Bulk-Billing Options: For patients below 12 months with a valid Medicare card, bulk-billing is available to make consultations more affordable.

Need a doctor now? Book a telehealth consultation with Instant Consult today and experience the ease of talking to a doctor right from your home. It’s easy, fast, and convenient.

A GP doctor in your pocket, day and night, anywhere near you

Instead of looking for ‘GP near me’ or ‘doctors near me’, simply search for ‘Instant Consult’ in your app store

Download the Instant Consult app for FREE from either Apple or Android app stores and create an account in minutes. In almost no time at all you’ll be able to start talking with a fully licensed medical professional without having to take a step!

Instant access to chat with a doctor with a comprehensive range of services

With Instant Consult, you can chat with a doctor and get help for a wide range of medical requests, all from the comfort of your home!


Medical Certificates

Are you too ill to come into work and need to give your boss a medical certificate? With Instant Consult you can chat with a doctor and get a medical certificate sent directly to your app’s inbox, all without getting out of bed!



If you need a new prescription or need to update an ongoing one then you can use our app to instantly chat to a doctor who can prepare your prescription promptly!



If you have a medical condition that needs treatment from a specialist, one of our GP’s can send a digital referral straight to your app’s inbox.


Pathology Requests

If you need a blood cell count or to check for STDs/STIs or need any other kind of bloodwork you can easily get a pathology request sent to your inbox by any of our fully licensed online GPs. You can then take the request to the clinic of your choice.


Radiology Requests

If you require any special kind of diagnostic imaging such as a CAT scan or an MRI you can get a request from one of our online GPs which you can then take to your preferred provider.

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