Healthcare study ranks Australia second best in developed world, while US comes in last

Australia’s healthcare system has been ranked among the best in the developed world by a team of American researchers who have ranked their own country’s system the worst.

Key points:

  • Overall the highest performers were UK, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
  • US ranked last overall had the highest rate of mortality
  • But Australia ranked eighth for equity

In their study of 11 different national health care models, researchers at the New York-based Commonwealth Fund ranked Australia’s mixed public-private system second best.

They concluded the United Kingdom’s National Health Service was the best system overall, followed by Australia, then the Netherlands, with Norway and New Zealand sharing fourth place.

Comparing Australia and the other countries to their homeland, the authors said: “The US performs relatively poorly on population health outcomes, such as infant mortality and life expectancy at age 60.”

“The US has the highest rate of mortality amenable to health care and has experienced the smallest reduction in that measure during the past decade.

“Despite spending nearly twice as much as several other countries, the country’s performance is lacklustre.”

The publication of the study’s conclusions have come as US President Donald Trump puts pressure on Republican senators to repeal his predecessor Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms.

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by Stephen Smiley – The World Today