How to deal with going bald as a man

How to deal with going bald as a man

Balding is an unfortunate reality for a large percentage of the male population as they approach middle-age. Sometimes, a really unlucky guy can experience thinning hair and eventual baldness at a much younger age than what is normally reported.

If you are experiencing thinning hair or have a family history and predict it will happen to you, you might want to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Hair-loss prevention

Luckily, there are proven hair-loss prevention treatments, such as finasteride. People can now get a prescription for finasteride online (if deemed suitable) and visit their local pharmacy to pick up their supply of the treatment that will last them several months. These kinds of treatments have high rates of success but need to be applied constantly in order to retain their effects – stop the treatment and your hair will start thinning again.

Naturally, the earlier you engage a hair-loss prevention treatment the more hair you will retain on your head. If you are at a point where the thinning is quite advanced, it might not be worthwhile to spend time and money trying to save what little is still there, and you should start looking at alternatives.


Over the course of human history wigs have been used by bald and balding people to give the illusion of having a full head of hair when they don’t. While wigs were traditionally something that were quite obvious to spot, these days there is a broad spectrum of quality, with higher-end products looking indistinguishable from the real thing. A lot of modern wigs will be made from real human hair that’s been donated or sold (although they are going to be more expensive than a synthetic one).

Hair transplants

Of course, modern surgical medicine means that it’s possible to physically transplant hair. These surgeries are highly invasive and highly expensive due to their purely cosmetic nature, with a long list of side-effects that can be pretty nasty to think about. Due to the fact that this kind of treatment is so expensive and has so many things that could go wrong with it, it’s generally seen as overkill for a cosmetic issue that more people are learning to just accept and live with.


Without a doubt the most effective way to deal with baldness is to accept it gracefully. In fact, baldness is no longer really seen as a negative thing that men are stuck with since a lot of men will shave their heads bald because they like the way it looks. A lot of women will admit to being attracted to a bald-headed man, and plenty of the top male celebrities (Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham etc.) have rocked bald heads in their films and are routinely listed in “sexiest men” lists.

You need to think about whether or not going bald will really be the deciding factor in your future sex appeal and weight that against how important your hair is to your self-worth. You might go bald, realise that nobody cares, and then find that you personally have stopped caring as well. It’s amazing what a bit of perspective can do!

To conclude, baldness is not the social death sentence it was in less tolerant periods of human history and is something that you can accept without fear of embarrassment. However, if you want to combat balding then the aforementioned strategies are perfectly valid, with finasteride being the best compromise between cost and effectiveness for most men.

Men who believe that they are at a stage of hair loss where prevention treatments could be worthwhile should speak to a doctor and get informed about whether or not it is right for them.

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