How to get a Sick Leave Certificate without going to the Doctor

How to get a Sick Leave Certificate without going to the Doctor

If you need time off work, either because you’re too ill to attend or you have to care for someone who’s ill, you’ll have to let your employer know. In order to be paid during your absence, you may simply be able to provide a statutory declaration covering the reason for your absence.

You should contact your employer as soon as possible and let them know how long you expect to be off work. In some cases, the employer may require evidence of the reason for your absence. This may be either a:

  • carer’s leave certificate if you are taking care of an immediate family member who is unwell and needs attention;
  • an absence from work certificate to cover short periods of sick leave, usually for less than one week;
  • a medical certificate for longer periods of absence through illness.

Certificate Features

Each medical certificate will show:

  • your name,
  • the name, qualification and provider number of your doctor,
  • the date of consultation and issue of the certificate,
  • the date/s the doctor expects you to take time off work.

For reasons of confidentiality, a doctors certificate does not have to specify the type of illness. However, in some cases, it may be useful to detail what you are suffering from.

Even if you’ve been ill for some time, you would need to obtain the appropriate documentation stating the full period of the illness. Doctors do not back-date sick leave certificates, however, they do state the date from which they believe you were unable to work as well as the expected future extent of incapacity.

Obtaining a Sick Leave Certificate

Although pharmacists can issue certificates, they can only do so for ailments that fall within their assessment capability and some choose not to do so. It’s better to obtain your sick leave certificate from a doctor since there is greater certainty and a more comprehensive service.

Visiting a doctor can be a problem, especially if you live in a remote area or are short of time. At Instant Consult, we can provide certificates online without complications or delays. Simply access our website and give us details of your illness, including its severity and relevant dates.

Get a Sick Note from your Doctor Today

You should obtain a sick leave certificate as soon as you become too ill to work or as early as possible after that. We can include on the certificate the date the illness started but it’s simpler if this is recent.

To get a sick note from your doctor:

  • download the Instant Consult app if you’re not already registered
  • request an appointment with one of our qualified doctors
  • undertake a video consultation with a doctor and give an honest assessment of your condition as well as providing medical history details and other requested information.

Once the consultation is complete, we’ll supply the appropriate certificate electronically so you can submit it to your sick note to your employer.

We will do all we can to provide a certificate to ensure you are paid for sick leave. However, since the staff who assess your case are registered doctors, we have an obligation to only:

  • provide sick leave certificates for cases of genuine illness that require absence from work;
  • issue a certificate if we’re confident you have been ill for the period stated.

As medical professionals, we have a duty to provide certificates that are accurate and describe the extent of the illness honestly. We are reliant on you providing the full facts although we will also base our assessment on observations of you and your capacity to work.

Despite the restrictions placed on us, we will always work in your best interests and endeavour to provide an accurate sick leave certificate as quickly as possible.

You can talk to an online doctor via video consult with Instant Consult.

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