Yes, our doctors can issue Compound Prescriptions through Instant Consult. The prescription can be sent directly to your local compounding pharmacy for immediate collection – to use this service you must select one of the approved compounding pharmacies from Instant Consult’s Pharmacy Directory. Alternatively, if you do not choose to have your compound prescription collected from any of our approved compounding pharmacies, then the prescription can be posted to you.

The consults are charged according to the duration of the consult – not what prescriptions are issued to you. Just like any consultation if you were to visit a local medical clinic, we cannot guarantee what medication the doctor will prescribe you. You will have to have a consultation where the doctor will ask about your health history and any current medications you are taking, so they can make an informed prescribing decision.

Please note that some medications cannot be prescribed using Instant Consult, including controlled substances, narcotics or opioids, any Schedule 8 (S8) controlled drugs and medications requiring close monitoring by a doctor.

Pharmacy Finder

If you are a Compounding Pharmacy and would like to be added to our Pharmacy Directory, please email for a registration pack.