Yes, a doctor can issue you with a Specialist Referral, Pathology/Blood Test Request or Radiology/X-Ray Request, when clinically appropriate.

Specialist Referrals enables you to receive a Medicare rebate on your specialist appointment*. Pathology and Radiology Requests entitles you to tests which may be bulk-billed by Medicare*.

*you must have a valid Medicare Card

The Referral will be available in your Instant Consult Inbox immediately following your consultation, which can be saved to your device or forwarded to an email address. You can print the Referral and take it to your preferred Specialist, Pathology or Imaging Centre, or you can email direct to their administrator. The Referral/Request will remain in your Instant Consult Inbox until you choose to delete it.

Results for pathology and imaging are sent directly back to our clinic, where we will notify you when to request a consult to discuss the results with the requesting doctor. If you have not been notified that your results have been received within 3 business days from your test date, please contact our support team.

Alternatively, during your initial consult you can request for your results to be sent to your usual family practice where you can discuss your results with your regular GP.

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