If you have a valid Medicare card, the consult will not cost you anything.

Consults are covered by Medicare and are bulk-billed until September 2020.

If you do not have a valid Medicare card, the following private fees applicable:

Brief Consult (less than 10 minutes)


Standard Consult (more than 10 minutes)


Long Consult (more than 20 minutes)$65.00
Prolonged Consult (more than 40 minutes)



The consultations are automatically timed and billed. Your nominated credit or debit card will be automatically charged upon conclusion of your online consultation. You can edit your payment details 24/7 through the Instant Consult App and Website.

When you request a consult, an amount is automatically pre-authorised from your card. We have not taken the money from your account, it gets held by your bank until the funds are released back to you or captured by us. Funds are only charged and captured on conclusion of a successful consult. Funds are automatically released and refunded back onto your card if your consult request was cancelled or unsuccessful. It may take a few business days for your bank to release the funds back onto your card, but we automatically release and refund the charges when a consult request is not successful. It is up to your bank how long they will take to release the funds back onto your card.