Instant Consult featured on Channel 9 Perth News
9 News Perth report on how you can “receive medical advice at the touch of a button and without leaving home, using Instant Consult”.
Some information which may be of interest to viewers: No Medicare rebates are available to patients for any GP video consults (whether the GP has been practicing for 5 months or 50 years, the Australian government does not offer rebates on this).
Absolutely no junior doctors are registered on the Instant Consult platform. Registered Instant Consult doctors are Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) or the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine (ACRRM) – the highest specialist qualification you can receive as a GP, and each have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in GP practice, and are still practicing. Yes! They are real, experienced and fully qualified doctors, at your fingertips.
Patients are at risk not seeking any medical advice when they need it and this technology provides a convenient, flexible and affordable alternative to traditional health consultations. We welcome all medical groups to reach out to Instant Consult to alleviate any of their concerns and educate them on our app as we work closely with other industry professionals in the healthcare sector. 

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