WINNER Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award Winner 2020 hosted by Global Health & Pharma (GHP)

Instant Consult has been awarded RETURN WINNERS:

2020 Global Excellence Awards
Most Innovative Online Healthcare Platform – Australia: Instant Consult ®

How was Instant Consult selected? GHP explains.

Accountable for meeting the diverse health needs of millions of individuals across the world, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies assume the enormous responsibility of ensuring that all members of society have access to the highest quality of care and medical products available.

Receiving the right kind of care has the potential to transform a way of life by improving wellbeing and enabling those most vulnerable to experience a fulfilling lifestyle. The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 commend the tireless work undertaken by companies, individuals and initiatives that contribute towards promoting the physical and mental welfare of those in need of support.

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 also shine a spotlight on innovation within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries by recognising the forward thinkers who bring crucial new ideas and products to the forefront in one of the world’s most demanding and competitive sectors.

Regardless of how large or small a business may be, all participants in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards are judged purely on merit; this approach enables us to ensure that only the most deserving are acknowledged.

The GHP team gather information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources which are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves. Final judgement is cast based on various criteria such as: business performance, longevity, business growth (either sustained or rapid) and any significant innovations or feedback.

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by Katherine Bentine – Awards Executive