Instantly Speak Face-To-Face To A Qualified Doctor Online, 7 Days A Week, From Anywhere In Australia

Instant Consult Connects You With A Fully Qualified GP Online, Anytime From 6am To Midnight, 7 Days A Week, Through Video Call

Skip The Waiting Room And See A Doctor Without Leaving Your House

There are many reasons you might need a doctor but can’t get to the clinic. You’ve woken up feeling sick and need a medical certificate to take the day off work. You need a fast refill for your medication. You don’t want to put yourself at unnecessary risk during the covid-19 pandemic.

Whatever the reason, Instant Consult is the perfect solution. It gives you access to friendly, qualified doctors via face-to-face video consultations from anywhere in Australia – all at the touch of a button. Skip the queue and don’t spend hours in a waiting room.

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Online Video Consultations

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Fully Qualified

General Practitioners

Medical Certificates

Sent Direct To Your Inbox

Australian Registered

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Collected From Your Pharmacy Of Choice

Average Wait Time

Under 15 Minutes

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No Appointment Necessary – Jump Onto The App And Speak To A GP Within 15 Minutes

Instant Consult is a game-changer if you have a busy schedule or live in a remote or rural area. You don’t have to drive for hours or spend half your day in a waiting room just to speak to a doctor. Instead you can see them from the comfort of your couch or the warmth of your own bed.

We have Australian-registered doctors available from 6am-midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There’s no need to call the doctor hoping for a last-minute booking – simply jump on the app and see one within 15 minutes.

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Connect To A Friendly, Qualified Doctor In Under 15 Minutes From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Through Video Call

“What a fabulous service. I highly recommend this service for busy mums and families who need a script sent straight to their pharmacy of choice. Dr. Mooney was my GP and he was very friendly, easy to talk to with the service being efficient and easy. I spoke with Dr. Mooney early on a Saturday morning and he sent my scripts straight to my local pharmacy! Thank you for providing this amazing service.”

4.8 stars based on 700+ Reviews on the App Store

Here Are Some Of The Many Reasons To Download Instant Consult…

  • Face-To Face Video Consultations From Just $45 You can quickly and easily make a face-to-face video appointment with a qualified doctor from as little as $45 *Bulk-Billed for eligible patients

  • Get An Appointment From Anywhere In Australia The ultimate convenience if you have kids needing unexpected medical care, possess limited mobility, live in a remote area or simply have a busy schedule!

  • Qualified Doctors Who Care About Your Health See a doctor who is fully qualified, registered in Australia and has been carefully selected because of their experience and friendly bedside manner

  • Never Wait More Than 15 Minutes To See A Doctor A room full of sick people, outdated gossip magazines and daytime television humming in the background – you can skip the waiting room!

  • Free To Download, Safe And Secure To Use The Instant Consult App has been designed to keep your data private and secure – it’s free to download, easy to use and available on iOS or Android

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Connect To A Friendly, Qualified Doctor In Under 15 Minutes From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Through Video Call

Connect Instantly With Qualified, Experienced Doctors Who Genuinely Care About Your Health

You might feel unsure about seeing a doctor via a video consultation, but you shouldn’t be. All our doctors are Australian registered, 100% qualified and fully insured. Plus, they are fellows of the RACGP and ACRRM, the highest qualification a GP can obtain in Australia.

As well as being highly qualified, our doctors genuinely care for your health. You’ll feel completely comfortable as your doctor patiently listens to your issue, then offers professional advice to address your concerns. After a single consult through our App, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Hear Why Australians Love Instant Consult…

Used the app for the first time last night and found the doctor really nice and helpful! I’ll be using this app all the time now.

- John

Thank you so much! I was a first time user last night. The GP saw me, recommended a radiology referral. The Dr called within 5 minutes and radiology referral done. So grateful, particularly given the hectic time for health workers.

- Jennifer Hamilton

This is actually amazing and so efficient! I sat down to get ready for bed and realised that I was taking my last pill. I signed up and the process took less than 5 minutes. It was 9:57pm by the time I requested a consult. It was accepted within a minute and the call was over with a script sent off to my pharmacy. Amazing and will recommend to anyone!

- Sophie Hunter

This service is excellent. • App is simple to understand & use. • Account setup is quick. • Wait time was very reasonable. • Consult was both very informative & professional. • Doctor spoke in clear English. • Scripts were digitally sent to a local Pharmacy for easy collection. • Perfect back up service when your regular GP is unavailable. • Excellent option for those who may be too ill to travel or have mobility issues. Can't recommend this service highly enough for those in need.

- Kay Cha

Yes! Absolutely incredible service, doctor fully booked, the home doctor not available till 6pm, we may have been waiting forever for a minor ailment for our daughter. Jumped on, sent photos, had a chat and script sent to our local pharmacy! Great Stuff.

- Mark Edwardes-Evans

Excellent service, Doctor was extremely helpful and friendly. Thanks Instant Consult!

- Chris Bolton

App is easy to use, nice helpful and professional doctor, efficient service. Script was sent to local chemist swiftly. 5 Stars.

- Chantal Codey

Excellent, professional consultation. The App is easy to use and I would 100% recommend. So convenient.

- Irene Philp

Friendly and easy to deal with. I have had a few appointments with their doctors. I am happy with how they handled my issues. I highly recommend.

- Celine Berger

Best place to speak with a doctor. I had an issue that I had to resolve fast. They helped me with everything online. I am so happy!

- Sandra Kell

I would give them 10 stars if I could. Their doctors are professional and willing to help. I highly recommend them.

- Sean Lee

Get Medical Certificates, Referrals And More Sent Directly To Your Phone

Affordable medical care should be accessible to every Australian. That’s why all Instant Consult consultations start from just $45 and bulk-billed for eligible patients. That’s far cheaper (and far more convenient) than visiting a clinic.

Our app is free to download and easy to use. Simply register your details and book a consultation instantly. You can have your medical enquiry solved and get a medical certificate, referral and more sent direct to your app – without leaving your house.

Get Scripts Sent Directly To Your Pharmacy Of Choice

Sometimes, getting a script filled can be a pain. You need to book an appointment with your local doctor. Then potentially spend upwards of 45 minutes waiting to be seen. Then waste more time waiting at the pharmacy. Well, with Instant Consult, the days of waiting around are over.

When appropriate, your doctor can issue you with a script and have it sent direct to your pharmacy of choice. Then you can simply collect it immediately after your consult or order it online. It's never been this easy!

Talk Face-To-Face With A Friendly Doctor Qualified To Help In A Variety Of Areas…

General Medical Advice

Live in a remote area? Don’t want the stress of taking your kids to a doctor’s office? Receive fast, professional advice without ever leaving your home

Medical Certificates

Woken up feeling ill and can’t go to work? Rather than drive all the way to the clinic, you can quickly and easily get a medical certificate sent to your phone

Medication Refills

Have your script sent direct to your pharmacy of choice. Then you can travel to your local pharmacy for pick up, or have it filled by an online chemist and delivered directly to your door

Specialist Referrals

Need a fast referral to a Specialist? Instant Consult allows you to receive one within minutes so you don’t waste time going all the way to a doctor’s office

Pathology & Radiology Requests

Receive pathology and radiology referral requests to your App, whether you need a complete blood count, STI blood test, CAT scan, MRI or mammogram

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Connect To A Friendly, Qualified Doctor In Under 15 Minutes From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Through Video Call

Hear Why Australians Love Instant Consult…

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Connect To A Friendly, Qualified Doctor In Under 15 Minutes From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Through Video Call

Say Goodbye To Doctor Waiting Rooms! Use Instant Consult To Speak With A Qualified GP Online 7 Days A Week, Australia-Wide

Want fast and easy access to caring, qualified doctors – without ever having to step outside your front door? Download Instant Consult now! It’s free, easy-to-use and available on iOS or Android. Outstanding medical care has never been more accessible!

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Connect To A Friendly, Qualified Doctor In Under 15 Minutes From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Through Video Call