Everything you need to know about compound doctors

Everything you need to know about compound prescriptions

We are incredibly lucky to live in an era in which we have access to good quality and reliable health care. In reality, there are very few known ailments or illnesses that cannot be treated or managed. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right drug to assist with your health complaints.

Everyone’s body is unique and will therefore react to medication differently; something that works for one person may not help at all for another. In fact, many people are still using medication that is not tailor made for them.

It is now possible to speak to a medical professional and get a compound prescription online, which would be specifically designed for you and your needs. If you haven’t heard of compound prescriptions, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about them.

What are they?

A compound prescription online is a note from your doctor that will give you access to a medication tailor made for you. These drugs differ from many other pharmaceuticals because they are specifically prepared for you, to suit your needs. This allows you to have the exact dosage you need, with the exact ingredients.

In order to prepare this form of medicine, a pharmacist will mix different ingredients together to create a personalised drug that is suited just for you. Essentially, it is a recipe that your pharmacist follows to create a custom drug.

Who can take them?

The great thing about this form of medication is that it can be taken by anyone, from newborns to pensioners. This is purely because the drug is made specifically for the patient, so the dosage and ingredients can be adjusted according to the age of the patient, their weight and their other individual requirements.

What are they used for?

The aim of compound prescriptions online is to provide people with the best possible drug for them. These drugs can be used in many situations and for a range of different reasons.

Oftentimes, compound prescriptions can be helpful for people who have allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients that are used in medicines. In this case, it is possible to get a pharmacist to create a unique drug that will help with your illness, but does not contain the ingredient you are allergic to.

Pharmacists also have access to unique flavourings, meaning you could get a medicine tailor made with added flavours. This is a common request from parents who want to make the prospect of taking medicine less unpleasant for their children.

It is also possible to change the delivery method of a drug; meaning it is possible to change a medicine from a tablet into liquid form. Therefore, if you struggle to swallow tablets, you may be able to get your medication in another form to make ingesting it easier.

Custom made drugs also make it easier to get exactly the right dosage; it does not have to conform to the generic dosage options.

How do I get a compound prescription online?

Instant Consult allows you to have a video call with a doctor who can give you a compound prescription online.

To use this service you must have a completed Compounding Prescription Order from one of Instant Consult’s approved compounding pharmacists. Our doctors cannot prescribe compound prescriptions without a valid Compounding Prescription Order attached to the consult request.

If deemed suitable, the compound prescription is sent directly to the approved compounding pharmacy for immediate collection/delivery.

If you would like to get in touch with one of our approved compounding pharmacies, please email support@instantconsult.com.au for more information.
If you are a Compounding Pharmacy and would like to learn more, please email support@instantconsult.com.au for more information.

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