Genital Itching Online Treatment

Get genital itching assessed and treated online with Instant Consult!

Are you experiencing rash-like symptoms on or around your penis or vagina? This issue is understandably very uncomfortable and embarrassing to deal with and you would naturally want it to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Instant Consult allows you to connect with a fully-qualified online doctor at the touch of a button and speak to them confidentially about genital itching or any other medical concerns you have. With regards to genital itching, your doctor can assess the problem and give you instructions on proper home treatment all via video chat.

This means that you can use Instant Consult to get virtually INSTANT treatment for genital itching or any other issue that requires a simple consultation to address. This is hugely beneficial for those who suffer extreme anxiety when they think about confronting an after-hours Dr about potential STI’s.

You can rest assured that when you engage a doctor through Instant Consult you will receive a courteous, attentive and confidential consultation that addresses all of your concerns. We are all about helping you get the expertise you need as quickly and painlessly as possible, so that you can get back to enjoying life at your fullest.

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Deal with genital itching quickly and quietly

Instant Consult is the fastest and most discreet way to address genital itching
No more waiting around

The most annoying thing about visiting a doctor in-person is that you need to spend time and petrol money travelling to a clinic, so you can spend more time in a waiting room surrounded by other sick people. There has to be a better way!

At Instant Consult, we think that with all of today’s communication technology in abundance it’s wasteful and unnecessary to attend every medical appointment in-person, especially when dealing with a routine prescription update or an issue with an obvious diagnosis. Most people have video chat capabilities on their smartphones – so it’s easy for anyone to use Instant Consult from wherever they are!

You don’t even need to leave your bed to have an issue like genital itching completely taken care of when you use Instant Consult!

No more rummaging for paperwork

Our intuitively designed app (which you can download for FREE) lets you easily keep all of your medical correspondence in a single digital inbox that’s secure against hacking attempts. This means that you will have all the documents you need stored on the cloud so that you never lose them again.

Minimal awkwardness

Talking to a doctor about genital itching can understandably be an embarrassing ordeal for many people, especially if you feel a sense of judgement about how you were exposed. Instant Consult gives you an extra layer of separation between you and the after hours doctor, meaning that it’s much less awkward to speak about issues like genital itching. Download our app and book your doctors appointment today.

Instant access to chat with a doctor with a comprehensive range of services

With Instant Consult, you can chat with a doctor and get help for a wide range of medical requests, all from the comfort of your home!


Medical Certificates

Are you too ill to come into work and need to give your boss a medical certificate? With Instant Consult you can chat with a doctor and get a medical certificate sent directly to your app’s inbox, all without getting out of bed!



If you need a new prescription or need to update an ongoing one then you can use our app to instantly chat to a doctor who can prepare your prescription promptly!



If you have a medical condition that needs treatment from a specialist, one of our GP’s can send a digital referral straight to your app’s inbox.


Pathology Requests

If you need a blood cell count or to check for STDs/STIs or need any other kind of bloodwork you can easily get a pathology request sent to your inbox by any of our fully licensed online GPs. You can then take the request to the clinic of your choice.


Radiology Requests

If you require any special kind of diagnostic imaging such as a CAT scan or an MRI you can get a request from one of our online GPs which you can then take to your preferred provider.

How does it work?

Instant Consult makes it incredibly easy to have your medical worries addressed by a fully-qualified doctor using video chat. There are 3 simple steps to using our service:

1. Download app

Go onto your smartphone’s application storefront (Apple Store, Google Play) and search for ‘Instant Consult’. Download the app for FREE in just a few minutes!

2. Create your profile

Simply fill out the information fields when you are prompted and register your account with us.

3. Request a consult

Now that you’re established, just click the ‘request a consult’ button and briefly describe your issue. You’ll be connected with the first available doctor who will be able to both assess the extent of your genital itching as well as recommend an effective means of treatment.

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Community of Doctors

Australian registered, fully qualified, insured and experienced Doctors right at your fingertips ready for an instant online consult

The Instant Consult Promise

We are here to make your life easier

At Instant Consult, we know that telehealth is still a relatively new thing for Australians and that it might be a little daunting to speak to a doctor online for the fist time. You can rest assured that every single doctor you speak to via our app will be a fully-qualified, Australian registered and experienced medical practitioner.

Need treatment for genital itching? Download our app for FREE today and speak to a doctor virtually instantly!