How Easy is it to get a Prescription Online?

The Difficulty Of Getting An Online Script

Visiting your doctor to get a prescription, particularly a prescription renewal rather than one for a new condition, can often seem a complete waste of effort. The time you spend travelling there and back, plus the time in the waiting room until you can see a doctor, are often much longer than the small length of time a typical consultation lasts.

The situation’s bad enough if you live in an urban area but, for those living in the bush or some other remote location, travelling to see a doctor can take a considerable amount of time. With modern technology, however, there is a better and much more convenient way.

Avoiding that Surgery Visit

People have generally thought it necessary to visit a doctor to sort out a medical problem and telephone consultations or similar have been viewed with suspicion. COVID-19 has rather changed attitudes as people have sought to avoid direct contact, with one consequence being that face-to-face consultations are less acceptable.

For a safer and more convenient approach, you can now get a script online rather than having to visit your doctor. It’s a simple and very quick process that involves:

  • accessing our website and clicking request a consult
  • signing in or creating an account by entering your name and contact details
  • completing a short questionnaire that covers your medical history, provides details of any current medication and describes the condition you presently suffer from
  • choosing how you want to pay for the service.

Dealing with your Request

Each prescription request we receive is assessed by a qualified online doctor. If it is considered suitable and we have enough information, a prescription will be prepared for the appropriate medication during your consultation with the doctor. When a physical examination is necessary, however, you will be asked to visit a doctor in order to progress.

If we can prescribe medication based on the information you have provided, you can choose to collect this at a local pharmacy, or you can order it online to have it delivered directly to your door. Failing that, we can post a paper prescription that you can deal with yourself.

The cost of the service will depend on the duration of the consult. Payment may be through a private health insurance policy from CBHS, via Medicare which will be bulk billed if you are eligible (visit our FAQs to check if you are eligible), or yourself using a debit or credit card.

You will find the service much quicker and more convenient than traditional visits to the doctor. More importantly, it is perfectly safe because every request is fully assessed by a qualified GP. We never put our customers at risk and only prescribe medication if we are completely satisfied that the course of action is the correct one and is in the best interest of the patient. If we have any doubts at all, we will recommend a visit to see a doctor in-person.