Tips and tricks when getting an online prescription

Online Script Tips And Tricks

While getting sick as a kid might have had a neat silver lining – getting out of school – being genuinely sick as an adult is no fun at all. Being forced to take time off work, even if you have an understanding boss, doesn’t make you feel very productive or good about yourself.

The ability to get an online prescription via a telehealth service has enabled more people to quickly address their medical concerns from the comfort of home, without needing to visit a doctor’s clinic. This saves people a huge amount of time in getting the medicine (and relief) that they sorely need.

The following will take a look at a few handy tips and tricks for getting your online prescription without hassle.

Don’t be in too much of a rush

While telehealth services are designed to speed up the unnecessary and cumbersome elements of the medical bureaucracy so that you can get help faster, it is NOT designed to cut corners or rush through important medical decision making between doctors and their patients. While it can be easy to see the doctor as a roadblock between you and the medications that help you, their supervision and input is necessary at all stages to ensure you do not become sick or injured from misuse.

So, while you are trying to speed things up by using a telehealth doctor – don’t jeopardise the quality of care you get by trying to rush through everything.

Explain yourself clearly

Because you are going to be communicating with the doctor via video call, you will not have the exact same level of conversational cues that you would in-person. This means that it may be harder to tell when the doctor is prompting you for more information or when they are signalling that they want to give their input.

If you ramble on or fail to give them accurate and clear information, then they won’t be able to accurately diagnose and treat you. The last thing you would want is to end up being misdiagnosed and given a prescription for something that won’t help and might even harm you.

Have adequate lighting

Because you are going to be doing a video call with the doctor you are seeking an online prescription from, you need to ensure that you have good background lighting. This is especially true if you need to have the doctor examine something on your body (like a rash or fungal infection) where they would need clear vision of the issue in order to diagnose it.

Whether you are showing them via video chat or with still images, you need to ensure you have adequate lighting in place so that the issue is easy for the doctor to diagnose. Again, you don’t want to accidentally be misdiagnosed and end up getting an online prescription for a medication that will at best do nothing and at worst cause you further pain and discomfort.

Hopefully the above gives you some useful information for when you are seeking to speak to a GP online and get a prescription.

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