How to prepare for your x-ray

How to prepare for your x-ray

An x-ray is a painless examination that uses radiographic technology to see inside the body. An x-ray is generally used to locate bone fractures, infections, benign or cancerous tumours, blocked blood vessels and arthritis. If you have never had an x-ray before and are somewhat nervous about the proposition, do not fret as the process is incredibly simple and quick.

If you’re wondering how to prepare for your upcoming x-ray, here are several things to remember.

Talk to your doctor if you are pregnant

Your GP will ask this question, however, it’s always great to be punctual and on top of these things. Because you will be exposed to a small degree of radiation, it’s important that your doctor is aware if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, since this radiation can be dangerous to a developing foetus.

Determine if you need to be fasting

You may need to fast for several hours before your x-ray. However, this is generally only necessary if your x-ray will focus on your digestive tract. Indeed, you’ll likely have to stop eating and drinking for around 8-12 hours before your x-ray to ensure your system is clear and your x-ray can capture suitable images.

Wear something comfortable

If you are a little stressed about your x-ray, try and do things that can help alleviate that stress. Wearing comfortable, loose clothes is a great way to help you relax and get ready for the x-ray. It’s also a more practical option, since you’ll likely have to remove part of your outfit before the examination and could be sitting and waiting for a while.

As a result, avoid wearing tight fitting clothing or a belt, since you’ll have to remove it anyway. A loose, button-up shirt is always a great option! Remember, you’ll also have to remove any jewellery, so it’s probably best to leave your watches, earrings and necklaces all at home!

Be prepared to drink a contrast medium

Some x-rays may require you to consume a contrast medium, which helps the doctor discern specific areas of your body on the x-ray image. This solution may be consumed in a liquid form, an oral pill or injected via a needle. If you aren’t great with needles, you can always bring a close friend to help you through the stress.

You won’t feel a thing

When you hear the phrase “radiation”, you probably think pain. Well, an x-ray is a painless procedure that only lasts a few minutes or so. The x-ray beams will pass through your body and help capture the x-ray.

So, if you think you need an x-ray, request a consult with one of our doctors to organise an x-ray referral online today!

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