Getting tested for the presence of any STI can be anxiety-inducing, but if you are concerned that you may have contracted some form of sexually transmitted infection, then you need to get an online STD test to ensure that you aren’t spreading it. If you are looking for a convenient online herpes check, then here at Instant Consult we can help.

Specialising in offering fast, affordable, and convenient GP services for people all over Australia, Instant Consult allows patients to access a fully qualified GP from home thanks to a handy app and a reliable web platform. Available from 6am – midnight (AEST) 365 days a year, Instant Consult can provide many GP services without needing an appointment. From medical certificates to prescriptions, referrals to specialists and just general medical advice, Instant Consult will get you speaking via video call to a fully registered, kind and committed GP within 15 minutes.

I Think I Need an Online Herpes Check

We know that patients can be anxious about discussing problems with intimate areas and sexual health, but if you need an online herpes check you can count on Instant Consult to be effective, efficient, and supportive when you need it most.

Before You Book An Online Herpes Test

Before you book a genital herpes test online, it is beneficial for you to know exactly what it is. Herpes is an STI (sexually transmitted infection) that presents as tingling, burning, or itching around your genitals, pain, or discomfort while urinating, and small blisters around the area.

The herpes virus itself can be dormant in your system for a while before symptoms develop, and they can recur. They can also be spread to your sexual partners, so it is important to get tested if you are concerned.

Take The Stress Out Of Worrying About Herpes And Get An Instant Consult

Herpes cannot be cured, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce your discomfort during an outbreak. The first step to this is to get a genital herpes check onlinefrom Instant Consult. When you connect with one of our compassionate GPs, they will arrange for a pathology referral which you can print and present or email to your to a local collection centre. You will need to complete the test with the centre which can be done discreetly and at your convenience (we recommend completing it as soon as possible) and then the sample will be sent for testing. Once we have your results, we will contact you to discuss treatment options including any prescriptions that might be needed.

The Benefit of an Online Herpes Test

There are many reasons that we might avoid seeing a GP for this type of health problem, but an online herpes test can help make it more accessible for you if you feel anxious or embarrassed, or if you simply cannot make time to visit your local GP.

Using an online herpes test facility means that you do not have to visit a GP – and do not need to feel concerned about discussing your sex life with the family doctor. This means that you can have a frank discussion about your symptoms to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate help for your situation.

Use An Online Doctor Within 30 minutes

Instead of searching for “STD testing near me” then waiting 24hrs for the next appointment, a genital herpes test online can be available when you need it – no need to take time off work or travel to a distant clinic to get tested, as you can arrange to visit a collection centre somewhere local and convenient to perform the test.

With costs starting at just $35, and bulk billing available for eligible patients, we offer a competitively priced service that is considerably cheaper than most traditional practices – so an online herpes test from Instant Consult is fast, convenient, and well-priced.

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How can I prevent needing Herpes testing?

There are many ways you can minimise your chances of contracting an infection. Using protection during intercourse is one way of greatly reducing the odds, however, it’s important to recognise that condoms are never 100% effective and spreading infection or bacteria is still possible.