Medical Report

This booking form is for our registered professional partner assisting patients in the Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) Programme. Patients registered with Instant Consult can nominate a date and time for a doctor to connect with them to complete a medical report required to allow access to superannuation funds for dental treatment.

You must be registered as a patient on Instant Consult prior to or at the time of booking this appointment. Please visit our website or download the Instant Consult app (App Store or Google Play) to sign up.

Consultations are automatically timed and charged on conclusion of the consult. Consult fees are charged at the same rate for all Instant Consult patients. Please visit the ‘Consult Costs’ tab in your Instant Consult login for our price list. We suggest allowing approximately 10-15 minutes consultation time.

If you cancel your booking within 12hrs of the booking date and time, a $35 cancellation fee is charged.

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