Speaking Online to a Doctor about Anxiety

Speaking Online to a Doctor about Anxiety

We all have stressful experiences at some time in our lives and these can lead to anxiety developing. In most cases, the anxiety will pass off but in extreme cases, it can persist for a long time.

If left untreated, persistent anxiety can become a serious problem, leading to extreme fatigue and other ailments that can have an adverse effect on your quality of life. Therefore it’s essential that you seek treatment that will eventually make you feel better and restore your well-being.

Anxiety Causes and Treatments

You can suffer from anxiety for a variety of reasons and certain factors can also make the condition more likely or worse. These include:

  • stressful events in your life, such as a divorce or the death or ill-health of a family member
  • pregnancy where there have been previous miscarriages or delivery complications, or where other babies have been problem sleepers or poor eaters
  • a history of mental health issues in your family
  • your personality, since you may be more prone to anxiety if you have a nervous disposition or are introverted
  • having no-one to give you support.

The type of anxiety you suffer and its cause will in most cases determine the best type of treatment. This generally falls into three categories:

  • Psychological treatments that are sometimes known as ‘talking therapies’ because they generally consist of discussions about the problems and how to overcome them. These discussions can be group-based or held on a one-to-one basis and are intended to help participants understand their anxiety, overcome it and prevent it returning, often by changes to lifestyle.
  • Physical treatments involving anxiety medication prescribed online that will help to overcome the condition.
  • Self-help and alternative therapies that include exercise, improved eating habits, massage and acupuncture.

Depending on the severity of your anxiety, a combination of treatments may be the best way forward.

A Thorough Consultation Process

At Instant Consult, our doctors will conduct a thorough assessment of your condition and the reasons behind it. They will also aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process because we know it’s not easy to talk about mental health problems.

We know a quick fix is not possible so we always aim to provide initial support and then for your regular GP to maintain your on-going care. We take a holistic approach by looking at your anxiety in the context of your general health and lifestyle.

Anxiety medication prescribed online with Instant Consult’s Support

As a result of the initial consultation, we will normally be able to produce an interim plan that will set out the proposed treatment and its aims for you and your regular GP to follow-up with. We may suggest a mixture of treatments or may refer you to a specialist, such as a psychiatrist, who will have particular knowledge of your condition and be able to get anxiety medication prescribed online with ease. Whatever we do, the intention will be to remove your anxiety and improve your mental and physical health.

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