The Importance Telehealth Plays in Modern Medicine

The Importance Telehealth Plays in Modern Medicine

There is not a single industry in the world that has not been impacted by improvements in technology. Medicine, in particular, has been a huge beneficiary. New modern machines, treatments, specialist care, and much more has meant that patients and healthcare providers can benefit from these advancements.

Telehealth is another factor in modern medicine that is certainly growing in popularity. 2020, in particular, has shown us just how important it is to have access to healthcare professionals without having to show up in person. In this blog, we’re going to give you a quick overview of telehealth and take a look at some of the ways it benefits both patients and healthcare professionals.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a broad term that generally covers healthcare processes that are done via digital devices like smartphones or computers. Most consults are done via video, but email, phone calls and messages also fall into telehealth.

Telehealth and telemedicine could be combined with a patient’s usual healthcare provider, like their medical insurance, or it could be a specialised independent medical telehealth app and provider. It is mostly used for the assessment on whether a patient should come in for treatment and for prescriptions, referrals, and even mental health counselling.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

These are just some of the positive impacts that telehealth has:

  • Accessibility: Not everyone is able to get access to quality healthcare, whether that’s due to location, disability, time or health. Telehealth enables patients to access a doctor’s consultation from wherever they are.
  • Convenience: The commute to a doctor’s appointment, waiting at the practice, and getting a five-minute assessment all for a renewal of a prescription is enough to make anyone annoyed. Telehealth is quick and convenient, it removes the need to commute, queue and spend hours doing something that can be sorted out in just a few minutes.
  • Privacy: Not everyone feels comfortable talking to a doctor in person and telehealth makes it a little less awkward telling a professional about symptoms and other factors that could affect treatment options.
  • Less admissions: Unnecessary admissions take up space and money in healthcare facilities, as well as increase the chances of someone picking up an illness they didn’t already have. Telehealth enables people to get an opinion and practice preventative healthcare from their own home.
  • Instant access to records: If there is a patient that is already in care or who has a video appointment with a doctor, telehealth makes the process much more straightforward and more effective. Doctors can instantly access previous health documents and use this information to make a faster, more accurate diagnosis.
  • Reduced inefficiencies: There are not enough healthcare professionals or facilities to deal with every patient in person. Telehealth enables doctors to see more patients without taking up more of their time. This helps to avoid costly appointments and admissions and saves patients and the healthcare industry in costs.

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