The New Way to Speak with Doctors from the Comfort of your own Home

The New Way to Speak with Doctors from the Comfort of your own Home

Our health is very important, and we have to treat it with the greatest respect otherwise it is likely to deteriorate and eventually cause serious problems. However, most of us are inclined to ignore what seem to be minor symptoms until they get worse. This can be a mistake because problems are best diagnosed and treated early so that recovery is quicker and more certain.

Although we all know we should look after our health and deal with ailments promptly, sometimes it’s too much of an effort. Often, we can’t fit a problem into our busy lives so we ignore it and hope it will go away. Generally, it doesn’t but instead gets worse.

The Problem with Doctor’s Visits

People often put off visits to the doctor for several reasons:

  • They are difficult to arrange, with appointments often being available too far into the future and not at convenient times.
  • They take up too much time, with hours spent travelling and sitting in the waiting room far exceeding the short amount of time for the actual consultation.
  • Waiting rooms and corridors are often filled with sick people, putting you at risk of becoming infected with something you didn’t have before your visit. With the dangers of COVID-19 and other viruses, this is particularly relevant.
  • All the effort of travelling and attending can be extremely tiring and not the best thing to do for someone who’s ill and needs to be resting.
  • Doctors don’t work 24/7 and are often not available when they’re needed.
  • Privacy can be an issue when visiting a very public area.

Whilst people know a visit should be arranged, often it’s just too much hassle and is avoided.

The Better Way of Speaking to a Doctor

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the benefits of technology and some of these are now becoming a regular part of life. These include speaking to a doctor over the phone in Australia, which can now practically replace visits to the doctor’s practice.

A phone consultation with a doctor at Instant Consult is as simple as possible and can be arranged at short notice any time of the day or night using our website or downloadable app. You can speak to a doctor via a video call and can discuss symptoms, existing treatments or any medical issue you want to talk about.

Whatever your symptoms, we have doctors who can deal with them. We have specialists in all types of illnesses, from general aches through to respiratory and nervous problems. They can provide prescriptions, referrals, medical certificates and anything else that’s appropriate. Best of all, they can offer a sympathetic ear to listen to and understand your problems and concerns.

We have your welfare as our main priority so we’re always here to attend to your needs. And we’ll keep it simple, with no long forms to complete, no waits for appointments, no travelling or hanging around and no excessive fees. Just a straightforward and effective service.

You can talk to a doctor via video consult with Instant Consult.

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