Access urgent medical care in Adelaide, even when your regular GP isn’t available. Instant Consult connects you with qualified after-hours doctors in Adelaide from 6 AM to midnight AEST, seven days a week. Enjoy prompt and dependable healthcare on your schedule, whenever you need it.

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After Hours GP Adelaide | Award Winning Telehealth Service

Health issues don’t follow a schedule. Whether it’s late at night, on a public holiday, or over the weekend, our team of qualified GPs is ready to assist. No need to wait for your regular GP or visit the emergency department.

Our after-hours doctors are not just a temporary solution; they’re Australian-registered and AHPRA-accredited GPs who provide comprehensive medical care. From diagnosing illnesses to writing prescriptions, they offer the same services as your regular doctor, but at a time that suits you.

At Instant Consult, we bring healthcare to you on your terms. Our telehealth service is ideal for busy professionals, families with young children, or anyone who finds it difficult to visit a medical centre during regular hours. With us, you can receive quality medical attention right in the comfort of your own home, not just in Adelaide but across Australia.

At Instant Consult, we’re dedicated to providing you with the top-notch medical care you deserve, no matter the time. When you need care beyond your regular GP clinic’s opening hours, our trusted after-hours doctors in Adelaide are here for you.

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Find An After Hours GP in Adelaide

  1. Book Online Consultation: Download the Instant Consult App and sign up for an account. Click on the “Request a Consult Button” and follow the prompts. An Instant Consult doctor will connect with you within 15 minutes.
  2. Talk to Your Doctor: During the video consultation, tell your doctor your symptoms, medical history, any medications you’re taking and other information they might need to make an informed assessment of your medical needs.
  3. Receive Advice and Care: Your doctor will give you medical advice based on the information you provided. When clinically appropriate, they may also provide you with prescriptions, referrals to specialists, or requests for X-rays and blood tests.

Download the App

Simply visit the Australian App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) to download the Instant Consult App for free.

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Once downloaded, simply register your details, agree to the terms and conditions and login! Don’t have an iPhone or Android? Sign Up Here

Instant Consult can be used with your Google Chrome or Safari web browser on any tablet, laptop or computer. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android phone you must download the app. You will also need a camera and speakers connected/installed on your device, and access to either a WiFi connection or a mobile data connection.

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Instant access to chat with a doctor with a comprehensive range of services

With Instant Consult, you can chat with a doctor and get help for a wide range of medical requests, all from the comfort of your home!


Medical Certificates

Are you too ill to come into work and need to give your boss a medical certificate? With Instant Consult you can chat with a doctor and get a medical certificate sent directly to your app’s inbox, all without getting out of bed!



If you need a new prescription or need to update an ongoing one then you can use our app to instantly chat to a doctor who can prepare your prescription promptly!



If you have a medical condition that needs treatment from a specialist, one of our GP’s can send a digital referral straight to your app’s inbox.


Pathology Requests

If you need a blood cell count or to check for STDs/STIs or need any other kind of bloodwork you can easily get a pathology request sent to your inbox by any of our fully licensed online GPs. You can then take the request to the clinic of your choice.


Radiology Requests

If you require any special kind of diagnostic imaging such as a CAT scan or an MRI you can get a request from one of our online GPs which you can then take to your preferred provider.

When to Opt For After Hours Doctor In Adelaide

While our after-hours GPs are fully qualified and AHPRA-accredited, we only provide non-emergency medical services. If you’re experiencing serious symptoms such as severe bleeding or difficulty breathing, it’s essential to seek immediate assistance at your nearest emergency department.

Our After-hours services are suitable for:

  • Non-Life-Threatening Conditions: If you’re dealing with something like a persistent cold, a minor sprain, or a manageable asthma flare-up, our after-hours doctor is well-equipped to assist.
  • Medication Needs: Need a prescription refill or new medication outside normal GP hours? Our online doctors can provide the prescriptions you need, anytime.
  • Complementing Regular GP Care: When your regular GP is unavailable and your health issue isn’t an emergency, our after-hours doctors ensure you receive continuous care.
  • Avoiding Emergency Room Waits: Emergency rooms can have long waits and lengthy triage processes. For less severe concerns, an after-hours doctor can provide quicker medical attention.
  • Non-emergency Requests: For urgent but non-emergency needs like pathology or radiology requests, after-hours doctors can provide the necessary referrals and guidance.
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Why Choose Instant Consult For Your After Hours Online Doctor Service

  • Face-to-Face Video Consultation From Just $45
    You can quickly and easily make a face-to-face video appointment with a qualified doctor from as little as $45
    *Bulk-Billed for eligible patients under 12 months of age
  • Access An Appointment From Anywhere in Australia
    The ultimate convenience if you have kids needing unexpected medical care, possess limited mobility, live in a remote area or simply have a busy schedule!
  • Qualified Doctors Who Care About Your Health
    See a doctor who is fully qualified, registered in Australia and has been carefully selected because of their experience and friendly bedside manner
  • Wait No More Than 15 Minutes to See A Doctor
    A room full of sick people, outdated gossip magazines and daytime television humming in the background – you can skip the waiting room!
  • Free to Download App. Safe & Secure to Use
    The Instant Consult App has been designed to keep your data private and secure – it’s free to download, easy to use and available on iOS or Android
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Frequently Asked Questions

After-hours doctors provide telehealth consultation. Meaning, all interactions with the doctor and the patient are done online through video calls and the Instant Consult app. Home visit doctors, on the other hand, go on house calls to provide physical face-to-face consultations.

While both provide medical care outside of standard clinic hours, Instant Consult after-hours services offer a faster and more convenient option. It’s ideal if your condition can be addressed without a physical consultation.

Our aim is to deliver top-quality medical care to you as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we connect you with the first available doctor on our platform. Rest assured, all our after-hours doctors are Australian-registered, AHPRA-accredited, meticulously screened, and dedicated to providing you with the outstanding medical care you deserve.

Our doctors can only provide initial advice for mental health concerns, not mental health treatment plans. They can, however, provide a referral to a mental health specialist so you can get the targeted care you need.

Absolutely! Our medical services are available to everyone, whether you’re a tourist or a local.

While they can provide immediate care and advice, our after-hours doctors do not offer ongoing treatment. We recommend follow-up consultations with your regular GP for continuous care.

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