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When you get sick you often need a combination of rest and medication in order to recover as quickly as possible. While over-the-counter products can help alleviate symptoms, stronger drugs like antibiotics that actually fight the illness need to be specially prescribed by a registered doctor.

However, physically attending a doctor’s appointment just to get written approval for the medication you need is inconvenient, especially if your illness is keeping you from going to work. There’s no point taking a day off to stay home if you need to spend half the morning booking, travelling to and attending a physical doctor’s appointment.

Day and night access to online prescriptions from real doctors!

Enjoy round-the-clock access to registered doctors who can quickly issue you with an online prescription.

Instant Consult allows you to…well, instantly consult! Don’t waste any more time booking with receptionists and sitting in waiting rooms amongst other sick people when you can use our app to talk to a doctor right away!

We have designed our service so that you can access a doctor and get online prescriptions anywhere, 7 days a week. At Instant Consult we think it should be as easy as possible for people to obtain an online prescription to get the medication they need, without compromising on safety or due diligence.

Instant Consult is a platform that allows anyone in Australia to connect instantly with fully qualified GPs – without the need for an appointment to obtain an online prescription. Using fully secure and encrypted software and browsers, our doctors can perform video consultations immediately – no waiting for an appointment, no unnecessary travel – and without it costing the earth.

Instant Consult can be an easy way to get your online prescription, as well as a medical certificate for work especially if you need it quickly. All our GPs are fellows of the RACGP and the ACCRM – the highest qualification a GP can obtain in Australia – so they are able to not only offer medical advice to help, they can also write your online doctor prescription – even repeat and compound – to be sent to your local pharmacy for immediate pick up.

The Straightforward Way to get an Online Prescription

If, after your consultation, the GP decides it is clinically appropriate to produce a prescription, then you have a few options.

We can send your prescription electronically to a local pharmacy, enabling you to collect it immediately. This pharmacy needs to be one of our nominated pharmacies, and a list is available in our Pharmacy Directory.

Alternatively, we can post the prescription to your home so that you can collect.

We also work with – so you can get the medication you need delivered to your door. If you would like to use this service, let your Instant Consult Doctor know and we can get the process started.

Unfortunately, there are several medications and types of medication that we cannot prescribe via video consultation, including:

  • Panadeine Forte
  • Mersyndol Forte
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Phentermine
  • Gabapentin
  • Quetiapine
  • Pregabalin
  • Tramadol
  • Zolpidem
  • Zopiclone
  • Controlled substances, narcotics, opiates
  • Schedule 8 (S8) medications
  • Any medication that needs close monitoring by a doctor

If you are unsure, your Instant Consult doctor can advise you on the best course of action. Please bear in mind that our service is not to purchase online prescriptions; your Instant Consult GP will only prescribe them if they are clinically appropriate.

The Problems with Traditional Written Medical Prescriptions

Although some common complaints can be treated by off-the-shelf medication, they’re rarely as effective as prescribed drugs. And, with a medical prescription, you are assured that you’re always receiving the most appropriate treatment.

The major problems with obtaining a prescription from a traditional doctor are the delay, uncertainty and inconvenience associated with the whole process. You have to:

  • book an appointment, which may not be at a time to suit you and may not be soon
  • travel to the surgery, which may not be close and can involve a lot of wasted time to get there
  • sit in the waiting room with other ill people, risking possible infection from them
  • undergo a short consultation
  • collect your medication from a pharmacy.

Why Online Medical Prescriptions Are Better

If you are ill, the process of obtaining a doctor medicine prescription is less than ideal. It’s much quicker, more convenient and safer to get your medication online from Instant Consult.

We know that, when you’re ill, you want to avoid hassle and unnecessary stress as well as getting attention as soon as possible. Consequently, we make the whole process as simple and quick as we can and provide it a time to suit you, even out of normal surgery hours.

Once you’ve downloaded our app, you can request an appointment and we’ll arrange this quickly so there’s no hanging around. A video consultation with a qualified doctor will assess your condition and medical history so the appropriate medication can be prescribed. The prescription will be sent to you quickly, electronically or by post, or to a local pharmacy for collection or delivery.
We have all been there – that last-minute panic when you have run out of an essential medication, and it is 10pm on a Saturday. When you need a prescription renewal in Australia, getting a doctor’s appointment can take a while – so what do you do?

This is where Instant Consult can be useful as a supplement to the traditional healthcare industry. We have created a platform where you can have a consultation with a highly qualified doctor via video – so you don’t have to leave the house. With doctors available 365 days a year, between 6am and midnight, you can get the help you need within 15 minutes.

Obtaining an Online Prescription Renewal in Australia

Our GPs are all Fellows of the RACGP and ACCRM – the highest qualification a GP in Australia can obtain – and they have the capability to issue repeat and even compound prescriptions, as well as medical certificates, referrals and offer general medical advice, depending on your clinical need.

Can I Obtain a Repeat Prescription with Instant Consult?

Obtaining a prescription for many common conditions is a simple and quick process. Clearly, we’re not going to prescribe something just because it’s requested because we have a responsibility for the health of all our patients. Instead, you’ll need to undergo a video or telephone consultation with a qualified doctor when your condition and medical history will be assessed.

As a result of the short consultation, we can prescribe the necessary medication and either send you the prescription electronically or by post, or to a pharmacy so the medication can be collected or sent directly to you. It’s a much quicker, safer and more reliable process when you obtain your prescription repeats in Australia.

The Instant Consult service makes it easy to order a repeat prescription online, and with dispensing pharmacies across Australia and access to Chemist Warehouse for delivery, needing an emergency prescription renewal in Australia couldn’t be simpler.

Is It Convenient to Get Private Prescriptions Online?

Scripts online are the easy way to receive the medication you need. Here at Instant Consult, there’s no waiting, wondering or hassle about when you can be seen. There is a wait time of fewer than 15 minutes, and you will be connected to a qualified doctor.

Whether you rely on an ongoing medication, need a one-off course of antibiotics or something else, our doctors can offer you a consultation that gets you the results you need. If it is deemed medically necessary, our doctors can issue your private prescription online. You can then collect your medication from your nearest pharmacy or order it online.

Instant Consult Help Make It Easier to Order Prescription Repeats in Australia

When you have registered with the Instant Consult service, all you need to do book your gp appointment online is hit the Request a Consult button and you will be connected with a online doctor in Australia within 15 minutes. If it is deemed medically appropriate, the repeat prescription will be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy for immediate collection. For a list of the pharmacies we work with, check the Instant Consult Pharmacy Directory.

How To Obtain Your Online Medical Prescription

Besides providing a quick, efficient and affordable service, the reason we offer online medication prescriptions is to safeguard your well-being during these uncertain times. All our doctors are fully qualified and experienced in conducting telehealth consultations. They are, therefore, able to assess conditions and needs and to take the most appropriate action.

We will never prescribe any medication that isn’t necessary or safe and we will never put your health in jeopardy. Our main priority is the well-being of every patient so that, when you contact us for a prescription, you can be sure you will always be kept safe.

Get A Script Online in Australia Today

Sign up to Instant Consult and you can request a consultation with one of our fully qualified web doctors at your convenience, without needing to wait for an appointment or even leave your home. Our support team are on hand to answer any questions you have about the technology or the service – we are here via email or on the phone, whenever you need us. Dif you know we are the leading after hours doctor service in Australia?

We make it simple when it comes to cost, too. With standard charges for the time spent in consultation, our automatic timer and billing make the payment process quick and easy – the timer starts when you begin the consultation, and then when it is completed, payment is taken from your nominated debit or credit card.

Prescriptions will be dealt with either through secure channels to your nominated pharmacy or sent via post to your home once the consultation is completed.

If you need to get a script online quickly, have a consultation with one of our doctors at Instant Consult today.

Instant Video Calls

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When you use Instant Consult, you get access to service that:

  • Is open day and night, even after hours, 7 days a week
  • Provides immediate service with doctors who connect with you instantly
  • Maintains a network of fully licensed, insured and experienced doctors
  • Keeps your data secure with you 256 bit SSL certificates and digital certificate authentication
  • Is entirely paperless and lets you manage all correspondence via the Instant Consult app
  • Lets you easily rate your consult out of 5 stars after you end the call

We know that many people have ongoing medical conditions that require them to routinely stock up on the medication they need. We believe that you shouldn’t have to go through the time-consuming process of physically going to a doctor’s appointment when you can get an online prescription in less than half the time it would take to visit a physical clinic.

After you talk to one of our doctors you can have an online prescription available to collect from any approved pharmacy in Australia. This is extremely convenient as when you leave the house you can head straight to the pharmacy and not waste any time waiting in a doctor’s surgery.

Instant access to a wide range of doctor’s services

Get instant access to a comprehensive range of doctor’s services right at your fingertips!

Using Instant Consult, you can easily ask a doctor for:

Frequently asked questions for online prescriptions with Instant Consult

Using a telemedicine service like Instant Consult to obtain a prescription online for the very first time is understandably something you might have a few questions regarding. Since you would have otherwise always obtained scripts via a face-to-face consultation with a GP, doing so via Instant Consult will be a new experience for you, but one that you will realise is not so different as you might expect.

You should take a look at the useful FAQs below to see if any of the answers are satisfactory. If you have any further questions, please get in touch, and we will do what we can to answer you.

Will an online prescription be accepted by the pharmacist?

Yes. When the GP you speak with via Instant Consult writes your online prescription, you can have it sent digitally to any approved pharmacy in Australia (allowing you to pick which pharmacy is most convenient for you).

The digital script that you get will be just as valid as the one that you would get printed out and given to you during a face-to-face visit with your local GP. There will be no questions from the pharmacist as to its validity since all our doctors are fully qualified GPs registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Is getting an online prescription a better choice?

Getting an online prescription is just as valid as getting it via an in-person visit at your local doctor’s clinic. Using Instant Consult is more convenient since there are no out-of-pocket costs and you can avoid having to travel to a clinic, speak with receptionists and sit in a waiting room with other sick people where you could spread infection or catch one from someone else.

Put simply, using Instant Consult to get an online prescription is a better choice than the traditional alternative because it reduces risk. Rather than travelling to a doctor’s clinic and then to a pharmacy, you can reduce this to just a trip to the pharmacy by getting an online prescription sent to them after using Instant Consult.

Since getting rest is so vital for recovery from many illnesses, it’s a superior choice to avoid unnecessary travel. With Instant Consult, you won’t have to exert yourself with a trip to the doctor’s surgery and get back into bed faster after obtaining your medication.

What technology do I need to use to get an online prescription?

You can access online prescriptions via Instant Consult using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone device. Whatever technology you use, it will need to have an internet connection (either WiFi or mobile data connection) as well as a video camera/audio device to enable you to have your consultation with the GP.

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, you can utilise the web browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to log in with this URL If you are using a smartphone or tablet device, you cannot access Instant Consult via a web browser and must use the IOS or Android application that is free to download. You can download the app from both the Android and IOS app stores.

How is my data secure when using Instant Consult to obtain online prescriptions?

At Instant Consult we have 256 bit SSL Certificates and encryption of data. SSL is the primary standard that is trusted by 99.9% of users on the internet. You can have total peace of mind that when obtaining online perceptions with Instant Consult, your information will not be compromised.

We take the data privacy and medical confidentiality of our users very seriously, and this is why we have worked hard to create a secure system. You can trust that Instant Consult will protect your information at all times.

Am I able to obtain compound online perceptions via Instant Consult?

Yes, Instant Consult doctors can write you compound online prescriptions for approved medications. These can then be sent to the registered compounding pharmacy of your choice.

Are there any limitations on what medications I can get?

Yes. There are some medications that an Instant Consult doctor is unable to provide you with an online prescription for. These medications include Phentermine (Duromine), Benzodiazepines (Valium), Zopiclone (Imovane), Tramadol (Tramal), Pregabalin (Lyrica), Panadeine Forte, Mersyndol Forte, Quetiapine, Gabapentin, Zolpidem (Stilnox), narcotics or opioids, controlled substances and Schedule 8 (S8) controlled drugs and medications that need close supervision by a doctor.

How do I know which pharmacies are approved to receive my online prescription?

You can use the Instant Consult Pharmacy Finder to determine which pharmacy local to you is able to receive your online prescription for you to collect.

Pharmacies that are not registered and would like to be should email our support staff and request a registration pack.

How often are doctors available?

At Instant Consult, we have worked hard to ensure that we have doctors available for consultation between 6:00AM to midnight AEST, 7 days of the week.

Keep in mind; the availability of doctors may vary depending on a variety of circumstances. Our aim is always to balance the number of requests for consultation with the number of doctors available.

In the event a doctor is not available immediately, you will be put into a queue where the next available doctor will speak to you. When you log in on the Instant Consult homepage, you are able to see how many doctors are online at any given time and what the average wait to be connected is.

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