What Online Referrals Do We Offer?

At Instant Consult, we've got you covered with a range of online referral services - from COVID PCR tests, doctor referrals, specialist referrals and STI tests to radiology referrals for respiratory infections. Our telehealth consultations connect you with qualified Australian doctors for timely, hassle-free healthcare wherever you are in Australia.

How Can I Get Doctor Referrals Online?

Need a doctor’s referral but don’t have time for the waiting room? No worries! With Instant Consult, you can skip the waiting room and get hassle-free referrals anytime, even after hours.

Our platform connects you to fully qualified, AHPRA-accredited doctors across Australia. We have doctors available from 6 AM to midnight AEST every day of the year. So, whether it’s late at night, on a weekend, or even on public holidays, you can get the necessary referrals to get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Just download the Instant Consult app, sign up for an account and request a consult. A qualified Australian doctor will connect with you in 15 minutes or less. Reliable and convenient health services any time you need – that’s our promise to you.

COVID PCR Test Referrals From the Comfort of Your Home

Struggling to find a convenient way to get a COVID PCR test referral without risking exposure? Instant Consult is here to ease your worries. Just schedule a telehealth appointment with our Australian registered doctors and get the COVID PCR test referral you need without leaving your home.

Choosing Instant Consult for COVID PCR test referrals means:

  • avoiding waiting rooms and long wait times
  • reducing the risk of exposure for yourself and for others
  • maintaining your privacy since consults are done online in a fully encrypted server
  • getting access to a wider pool of qualified doctors who can provide accurate and reliable referrals
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Specialist Referral Letters From Qualified Doctors

Whether it’s a new specialist referral or a repeat specialist referral, our fully qualified online doctors at Instant Consult can get your specialist referral forms sorted in no time!

No more waiting for GP appointments or travelling for hours to visit a GP clinic. If our doctor deems it appropriate, you’ll have your specialist referral letter in your Instant Consult inbox right after your consultation. Each referral is tailored to your specific health needs, ensuring you see the right specialist.

Discreet and Dependable STI Test Referrals

Discussing STI concerns in person can be uncomfortable, especially when you know that someone could be listening right outside the doctor’s office. At Instant Consult, all consultations are done whenever and wherever you are comfortable to ensure the highest level of discretion.

Our doctors not only provide STI test referrals but also offer advice and support for your sexual health concerns. And since you can freely discuss your symptoms and medical history without any embarrassment or discomfort, our doctors can provide more personalised medical advice.

Avoid the anxiety of in-person clinic visits. Connect with our AHPRA-accredited doctors and get your STI test referral quickly and securely.

Convenient Radiology Referrals for Respiratory Infections

Whether it’s for bone fractures or chest conditions, getting a timely X-ray referral is crucial. Instant Consult makes this process convenient and hassle-free.

With just a few clicks, you can connect with AHPRA-accredited Australian doctors from your home or anywhere in Australia. Tell them your symptoms and concerns during your video consultation, and if deemed appropriate, they’ll get your radiology referral sorted immediately after. No more queueing or waiting for your GP to be available, ensuring you get the care you need without delay.

Respiratory Infections

Need a script fast?

From common treatments and repeat prescriptions to compound scripts, getting your online scripts is now faster and more convenient than ever with Instant Consult! We even offer consultations bulk-billed and free of charge for patients under 12 months of age!