Instant Consult’s distinguished Medical Advisory Board is composed of leading experts in the field, ensuring the highest standards of medical guidance and oversight for our cohort of 100+ doctors and telehealth services.

Dr Julian Lee


Brighton East VIC

Instant Consult™ (MAB) Medical Director

As a passionate GP dedicated to providing quality care, I have the privilege to work in various health care settings, both face-to-face and via telehealth. I started with Instant Consult in 2020 at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent healthcare crisis highlighted the overwhelming demand for telehealth. This platform has allowed me to make a meaningful impact in communities across Australia, particularly in areas deeply affected by GP shortages. Instant Consult goes above and beyond in providing high-quality care, connecting patients from all corners of Australia with well-trained, dedicated doctors. Through video consultations, I can gain insights into the patient’s home environment, discuss lifestyle factors, provide personalised, evidence-based advice, and empower patients to take control of their health.

Dr Aadhil Aziz

MD (EU-Hun), DFM (RCGP - UK), USMLE Cert.(USA), FRACGP (Australia)

Heidelberg VIC

Instant Consult™ (MAB) Board Member

Dr. Aadhil Aziz has been working with Instant Consult since late 2019 and is a pre-covid advocate of telemedicine and its benefits and limitations on how to help spread health awareness even further. Dr. Aadhil is the Owner and Clinical Director of a local medical practice in Melbourne. He practices across a wide range of interests including mental health, skin cancer, preventative health, chronic disease management, obesity management and women’s health, always focusing on lifestyle modification. Dr. Aadhil previously worked for many years in Neurosurgery and Renal Transplant Surgery, Cardiac, Medical and Surgical ICU and Emergency Medicine. He is a current Co-Deputy Chair of RACGP Victoria, Past Chair of the Victoria New Fellows Committee, former member of the National New Fellows Committee, Future Leaders Alumni 2021, and a mentor with the RACGP Mentoring program.

Dr Fiona McKinnon


Ingham QLD

Instant Consult™ (MAB) Board Member

Dr. Fiona McKinnon brings her expertise as an Australian-trained GP Obstetrician to provide comprehensive healthcare services with a focus on rural General Practice. Her passion lies in improving women’s health, supporting family planning, guiding expectant mothers through pregnancy, and ensuring the well-being of children and babies. As a dedicated rural and remote-trained GP, Dr Fiona is intimately familiar with the unique challenges faced in accessing medical care in these underserviced areas. She is committed to bridging the healthcare gap and making a meaningful difference in the lives of marginalised Australians.

Dr Peter Scott


Rangeville QLD

Instant Consult™ (MAB) Board Member

Dr. Peter Scott has over thirty years of both rural and urban experience. He enjoys Instant Consult consultations as he feels for many regional (and urban) patients, that being able talk to the doctor on the day of the medical concern, rather than in several weeks’ time; makes all the difference in sorting out medical issues before they get worse. Dr. Peter receives outstanding patient feedback, with patients noting he is a respectful listener and his suggestions for dealing with both the current medical problem and the broader clinical context are appreciated. Peter understands the geography of health in the Australian context. He also works in Health IT and still gets excited by the realisable possibilities for the country in such platforms as Instant Consult.

Dr Janelle Hall

B.Pharm, MBBS, FRACGP, Board Cert ASLM

Merrylands NSW

Instant Consult™ (MAB) Board Member

Dr. Janelle Hall started her career in health as a Pharmacist in Queensland and the Northern Territory. After 3 years as a Clinical Pharmacist she was inspired to continue her medical education and become a General Practitioner. Since graduating she has continuously furthered her education, completing training in Emergency Medicine, Sexual Health, Women’s Health and Dermatology including Skin Cancer Management. She has also travelled through remote areas of Australia working as a Locum Rural Generalist. Dr. Janelle has been an integral part of the Instant Consult team since 2018, bringing her wealth of experience and dedication to our platform. With a reputation for excellence and a patient-centric approach, she continues to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of patients across Australia.

Dr Colin Coward


South Fremantle WA

Instant Consult™ (MAB) Board Member

I have been working with Instant Consult since 2020. I take great pride in the pivotal role it plays as a primary access point for the 20% of Australians who lack a regular GP, as well as for those individuals who struggle to secure timely medical appointments. Instant Consult is able to reach patients in all areas of Australia and I am often fascinated to learn about the unique locations and situations of those I consult. It has broadened my understanding of Australia’ national health challenges and the essential role of telehealth within this. I often find myself contemplating the alternatives these patients might have resorted to in the absence of our service, making me appreciate the profound impact of what we do. What I find most gratifying in my role is witnessing the genuine appreciation and value that patients place on our service during telehealth consultations. Looking ahead, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of continuing my journey with Instant Consult, dedicated to furthering the development of telehealth to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and accessibility of healthcare services for all.

Dr Bani Kaur


Nunawading VIC

Instant Consult™ (MAB) Board Member

I am a dedicated telehealth practitioner with an interest in mental health, women’s health, and adolescent care. With two young children in tow, I have been lucky to be able to work from my home office during times that suit my young family. I have a passion for providing care to those patients I consult with, including those in remote areas and those in need of immediate assistance. Instant Consult’s commitment to patient well-being is evident through their real-time support during consultations and robust follow-up procedures. Instant Consult’s user-friendly software ensures a level of care continuity comparable to metropolitan bulk billing clinics. In a rapidly changing world, especially in light of the pandemic, I have embraced Instant Consult as an innovative solution to making quality healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or circumstances.