Instant Consult gives you the means to get online prescriptions^ that Sydney pharmacies can accept instantly, so that you can be more conveniently provided with the medication you need. The process is simple and allows you to speak to a fully licensed doctor via video conference who can accurately diagnose you, write a script^, and then digitally send that script to the pharmacy of your choice.

Note: Not all conditions can be accurately diagnosed via video call, as a doctor may need to physically examine you. However, the doctor can also provide references to specialists or requests for pathology/diagnostic imaging that you can take to other allied health practitioners.

Benefits of getting online prescriptions for Sydney pharmacies via Instant Consult

Take a look at two main benefits of using Instant Consult to get an online prescription that Sydney pharmacies can accept.

Less exertion = better recovery

It’s no secret that the key to recovering from most common illnesses is to combine a course of medication (as prescribed by a doctor) along with a generous amount of rest. This can often mean you need to take time off work and refrain from exerting yourself with activities like strenuous exercise, or sport.

Getting online prescriptions for Sydney pharmacies via video call means you don’t need to leave bed to get a doctor to diagnose you and prepare a script – you can do it all on your phone via the Instant Consult app^. The app is easy to download, register, and use in just a few minutes.

This means no more driving to the doctor’s surgery, speaking to a receptionist, and then waiting in an uncomfortable space with other sick people (often including loud children), all before a doctor can see you. For many people, this process feels outdated and needlessly cumbersome, especially when you know you have a cough and just want to get a routine script for antibiotics.

Instead of jumping through all those hoops when you should be resting, you can use Instant Consult to speak to a fully licensed Sydney online doctor via video conference and get an online prescription sent straight to a Sydney pharmacy that’s most convenient for you to visit.

All of this means that when you’re recovering, you can reduce two trips down to a single pharmacy visit. With Instant Consult, you can say goodbye to depressing waiting rooms with old magazines, annoying kids, and boring medical television.

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Faster script = faster recovery

Of course, another huge convenience factor behind getting online prescriptions for Sydney pharmacies via Instant Consult, is the fact it is simply so much faster than the traditional process of going to a doctor’s surgery. The typical process would involve you needing to call ahead and speak to a receptionist to find a time to fit you in (which could be hours away if the doctor is busy with other patients). You would then need to spend time (and energy) travelling to the clinic, waiting for your appointment (doctors will almost always run late with your appointment time) and then finally get the attention you need.

In the time it takes to go through that obtuse and frustrating process, you could have already gotten your hands on the medication you need by using Instant Consult to get an online prescription^ sent to a Sydney pharmacy that’s most convenient for you to visit. With Instant Consult, in the time it takes to physically see a doctor, you could already have taken your first dose of the medication you need and get back into bed, recovering as quickly as possible.

Speeding up your recovery by getting online prescriptions for Sydney pharmacies means you might be able to shorten your overall recovery time and get back to work a day earlier or avoid missing out on a weekend activity you would otherwise still be too sick to attend. Clearly, there’s a lot of economic and social benefit to skipping the queue and using Instant Consult

As you can see, it’s clearly far superior to engage Instant Consult if you want to speed up getting online prescriptions sent to Sydney pharmacies and conserve your energy when you’re feeling ill. Get in touch with one of our GP doctors and discover the online prescriptions that we offer, including UTI medication prescriptions, keflex prescription, ventolin prescription, and more. You can also get a referral for Sydney STD testing even after hours.

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At Instant Consult, we are one of the pioneering Australian telehealth services that has a depth of experience and expertise in delivering a system that works. Simply navigate to the app store of your choice, download our easy-to-use app, and start speaking to a fully licenced doctor so you can get an online prescription sent to a Sydney pharmacy of your choice.

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^ if deemed clinically appropriate by the doctor

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