After Hours GPs With Instant Consult

Looking for a GP after hours? Find out how you can reach Doctors in Minutes from your Home

Most Australians are registered with a GP and their services are invaluable in keeping you healthy and treating illnesses and injuries. The care that a GP can bring is invaluable and cannot be replaced by a less permanent type of service since the doctor knows your medical history and your unique situation.

Illnesses and injuries do not, however, always occur at convenient times and, if they happen outside of normal surgery hours, you often cannot wait until your doctor is available again. There is, of course, always the hospital’s emergency department but that’s not the place to go for anything that isn’t an emergency even though it needs to be dealt with quickly.

Some GPs do provide an after-hours contact number but that’s not always very reliable. And, if you live in a rural area or anywhere outside a major city, that may just not be available. So an alternative is needed to deal with urgent cases outside of GP hours.

Using the Instant Consult After Hours Service

If you or someone you look after or care for is injured or feeling ill and your GP is closed for the day, we can provide a comprehensive consultation with a qualified doctor any time of the day or night. Something that’s not urgent may wait until your GP’s surgery re-opens and you should use the emergency services for something that’s life-threatening or critical. For anything else, we can help.

It’s a very straightforward process, accessed via an Android or Apple smartphone with our app downloaded and installed. Simply contact us via the app and your situation will be assessed to decide the best approach. The consultation will be in the form of a video call so you and the doctor can see each other, and a full diagnosis can be made.

If we can deal with your case effectively online, we will do because it’s the quickest and most efficient way with no need for a visit. We can provide referrals, issue medical certificates and prescribe medication when necessary, which can be delivered directly to you or your local pharmacy for collection.

Providing the Best Treatment for you

Our aim is always to do what’s best for our patients. So, if we can’t handle your case by video call due to its complexity or for another reason, we’ll recommend a GP or hospital visit.

We can treat acute conditions such as respiratory infections, migraines and injuries from falls. And we’ll pass on to your GP details of everything we do because we believe in a collaborative approach that involves everyone and we want your medical history to be as complete as possible.

If you have Medicare or a DVA card and are currently eligible for a bulk-billed consult (visit our FAQs to find out if you are eligible), we’ll bulk bill your fees. We also accept private medical insurance patients from CBHS, so you won’t have to find the money to cover our charges. For patients not eligible for a bulk billed consult and not covered by private health, our fees start from just $35. All in all, we aim to provide an efficient and stress-free service that gets you well as soon as possible.

You can talk to a doctor via video consult with Instant Consult with our doctors located Australia wide including:

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