Eden Exchange Podcast (Ft. Co-Founder and MD of Instant Consult)

Podcast: Ep#144 Pioneering Telehealth and Shaping the Future of Australian Healthcare (Ft. Bianca Brown Co-Founder and MD of Instant Consult Pty Ltd)

Today on Eden Exchange we spoke to Bianca Brown, who is the co-founder and managing director of Instant Consult Pty Ltd, working with Funding Strategies. Listen as Bianca delves into her professional background, the creation of the Instant Consult Telehealth platform, the need for Telehealth services in both rural and metro Australian areas and Bianca’s plans for the growth and expansion of Instant Consult through technology, integration, user adoption and more.

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Professional background and interest in the Telehealth sector
  • What is Instant Consult?
    What is Instant Consult, how does it work and why Telehealth is a big opportunity
  • Demand and opportunity
    Where Bianca is seeing the demand for Instant Consult, perceived target marketing and actual target market evaluation
  • The technology behind the product
    How Instant Consult sets itself apart from competitors in the market and mainstream adoption/integration into the medical sector
  • Success and trials
    What Bianca’s main success with Instant Consult is to date and her plans for the Instant Consult platform in the future
  • The greatest development opportunity
    Where Bianca sees the greatest opportunity for the development of the business and what she is most excited about in technological advancements
  • The greatest demand
    Where the greatest demand is for Instant Consult and the market response to date
  • Loving the job
    What Bianca loves most about her job and the impact Instant Consult has had on the Australians using the platform

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