If you become unwell you may need to obtain a medical certificate. With waiting times for GP appointments and the travel needed, getting access to a GP when you need one quickly might be difficult – and that is where Instant Consult can help.

Our online platform instantly connects you to fully qualified GPs for a consultation – and if it is deemed clinically appropriate, you can receive an online medical certificate that you can forward to the HR department or any other person that needs to see it.

Fast Online Medical Certificates from Instant Consult

Instant Consult is a straightforward and convenient service that makes speaking to a GP easy. With no need to book an appointment and consultation within 15 minutes, you can get the advice and documentation you need – without it costing the earth.

If you qualify for Medicare, you can get the consultation bulk-billed (for eligible patients only) – but if you have to pay for your health care privately, our prices are competitive and lower than any private practice for a standard consultation – with prices starting at just $35.

How Do I Obtain An Online Medical Certificate from Instant Consult?

If it is deemed clinically appropriate, at the end of your consultation you will receive an online medical certificate into your Instant Consult inbox. This can be saved to your device or emailed to yourself, to be forwarded to the relevant authority. The medical certificate will remain in your Instant Consult inbox until you choose to delete it.

Our Doctors do not backdate normal medical certificates, and they will rarely cover more than three days.

Instant Consult is not suitable if you need the following:

  • ‘Fit for Work‘ Medical Clearance Certificate
  • Centrelink Certificate
  • University Form
  • Work Cover Certificate
  • Gym Cancellation Certificate

This is because to obtain one of these types of medical certificate you need to have a physical examination that a video consultation cannot substitute. However, if you just need a doctor medical certificate and the doctor that provides the consultation via Instant Consult deems that it is clinically appropriate, then using our service is perfect for you.

Everyone gets sick and when it gets bad enough, it’s a good idea to take the day off work and spend the time recovering instead. However, in order to deter people from abusing their sick days, employers require a physical or online doctors certificate that explains why you needed to take the day off.

The problem is that when you’re too sick to go to work, you’re usually too sick to even leave the house – let alone book an appointment with your GP. Often the GP only needs to take a brief look at you for them to believe that you’re too sick to work and write a note for you.

When all you really need is a day in bed, it can be frustrating to have to physically attend an appointment with a GP just so you don’t get in trouble with your boss. This annoying process causes a lot of people to head to work when they really need a day off simply because it’s too much of a hassle to get a medical note.

Luckily Instant Consult provides a way to easily chat with a medical professional and get an online doctors certificate sent straight to your inbox. Download our app for free and instantly connect with a fully registered medical professional via video call who can issue you with an online medical certificate for work without any fuss!

What Else Can Instant Consult Help With Other Than Online Medical Certificates?

The doctors that offer consultations through Instant Consult are fully qualified and fellows of the RACGP and the ACCRM – the highest qualifications that a GP can obtain. This means that they can provide medical advice, medical certificates, online prescriptions (including compound and repeat), requests for pathology and radiology as well as specialist referrals.

Instant Consult is a service that has been created to supplement the traditional health care system, by allowing patients to access GP online services online when it can be difficult to get an appointment. Of course, we do not suggest that you use Instant Consult in a medical emergency – if there is a significant risk to health like reduced consciousness, difficulty breathing or severe blood loss, then you need to call 000.

If you need instant access to a fully qualified GP, with Instant Consult all you need is video calling capabilities and connection to the internet to connect to our online doctor chat. Our App and Browser system allows you to connect seamlessly and quickly with the next available GP, meaning you won’t have to book an appointment – simply ‘request a consultation’ and you will be connected within 15 minutes. Billing is automatic, with charges made to your registered debit or credit card once the consultation is completed.

Choose Instant Consult if you think you need a online doctors medical certificate today!

Instant Video Calls

Your platform to access fully qualified Doctors for an online health consultation…instantly

Speak to a Doctor now

Instant Consult is simply the best choice when it comes to getting online doctors certificates without all the hassle of visiting a traditional clinic. Take a look at some of the key benefits of our service:

  • Open day and night; 7 days a week
  • Get immediate service from doctors who endeavour to take your call immediately
  • Talk to fully licensed and qualified medical professionals
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 256 bit SSL data encryption and authentication
  • No more sifting through sheets of paper as all correspondence is stored digitally in the app
  • Easily rate your experience out of 5 stars after each consultation

At Instant Consult, we have strived to create a reliable and easy-to-use system that connects people with medical professionals instantly with the power of modern technology. We believe that in an increasingly fast paced and complex world there should be a simpler way to engage with medical professionals.

If someone is able to use our service to get an online doctors certificate without having to pull themselves out of bed, we have accomplished our mission. Simple red tape issues like getting a medical note shouldn’t be an enormous hassle that requires you to physically attend an appointment.

Instant Consult is leading the pack when it comes to modern telehealth services and it’s easy to see why when you look at how our customers have engaged with the app. People from all around Australia are now instantly connecting with medical professionals, right from their mobile phones.

Instant and comprehensive access to GP services

Whether you need online doctors certificates or just a pathology request, Instant Consult has you covered.
With Instant Consult, you can immediately talk to a fully registered medical professional and ask for:

Day and night access to online doctors certificates

Enjoy round-the-clock access to fully registered medical professionals!

Online doctors certificates

Easily book a quick consult under 10 minutes and get an online doctors certificate sent straight to your app’s inbox.


Whether you need a new or repeat prescription, our prescribing software allows the doctor to easily create a prescription promptly.

Specialist referrals

If you have a medical condition that warrants seeing a specialist, you can easily talk to a medical professional and get a referral sent to your app’s inbox.

Pathology requests

If you require an STI/STD test or any other kind of bloodwork you can instantly talk to any one of our medical professionals and get a pathology request sent to your app’s inbox.

Radiology requests

For any kind of diagnostic imaging, from cat-scans to MRI’s, you can get an electronic referral sent straight to your app’s inbox.

Enjoy peace of mind and talk to a doctor online when you need them!

Spend less time worrying and more time recovering with Instant Consult!

Whether you need an online doctors certificate to satisfy your employer or a pathology request to check for STI’s, it’s easy to talk to a medical professional with Instant Consult. Using our app, you cut down on the time you would have otherwise spent travelling to a GP’s and waiting for them to get to you.

It can be especially frustrating to physically see a GP in the winter months as the surgery is usually packed with people with common cold and flu symptoms. It’s safe to say that sitting amongst other sick people and waiting for your turn isn’t the best way to recover and the time would be better spend resting in bed.

Instant Consult has strived to make it easy for anyone to quickly get an online doctors certificate, specialist referral, medication prescription, pathology request or radiology request from the comfort of your home. We know that leaving the house and running between clinics is a hassle and our goal is to minimise the stress of engaging with the healthcare system.

Install the Instant Consult app for free for Android or iPhone!

Easily get an online doctors certificate, prescription, specialist referral and more with the Instant Consult phone app!

You can download our app for free from either the Google Play or Apple storefronts and create an account in less than 5 minutes. Once you’re online, you can select “Request a Consult” and you’ll be prompted with an easy-to-fill form about the nature of the consultation you are seeking.

Whether you need a quick pathology request after a big night out or just an online doctors certificate to give to your employer, Instant Consult is always there at your fingertips. You don’t need to waste another second debating whether or not to see the doctor after you discover the powerful convenience of our service.

Don’t waste another second in waiting rooms! Install the Instant Consult app today and never look back!

When you need an online doctors certificate or prescription, don’t hesitate to use Instant Consult to get connected with a medical professional right away!

Frequently asked questions for obtaining medical certificates online

If this is your first time looking at getting a sick note outside of going to your regular daytime GP, then it’s only natural that you would have questions about it. To help do away with any confusion you might have, check out the FAQs below – if your question isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can satisfy your curiosity.

Is it as valid as a physical letter from GP in-person?

Yes. When you use Instant Consult to get a medical certificate online, you can have peace of mind that it is just as valid as the document you would have received from a doctor during a face-to-face consultation. The sick note you receive during a traditional face-to-face consultation is printed out and signed by the doctor.

The only difference when using Instant Consult is that no physical letter needs to be printed unless you choose to – you can forward the online medical certificate to your employer/university administrator, and they will be compelled to accept it.

Is it better for me to get a medical certificate online?

It certainly is when you consider the fact that getting a doctor’s note via Instant Consult keeps you out of the waiting and safe at home. When you are feeling too ill to go to work or school, it’s imperative that you get to rest and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Travelling to a physical clinic means you will need to exert yourself by travelling, and it will put you in close proximity to other people. There is a chance that you could pass on your illness to others on your way to/within the doctor’s clinic or perhaps even catch something worse from other people in the waiting room. Rather than going through this process, you can simply use Instant Consult to speak to a doctor via video call and have your issues addressed at a safe distance.

From the comfort of your bed, you can talk to a doctor, get a diagnosis and prescription for medication (if necessary), and obtain a valid medical certificate online to excuse you from work or school while you recover. While you will still need to travel to the pharmacy to pick up any medications you are prescribed, using Instant Consult means that you eliminate the risks associated with going to a doctor’s clinic. Resting at home and limiting your travel is crucial in accelerating your recovery and preventing cross-infection of contagious illnesses.

Can I get a Work Cover, ‘Fit for Work’, Centrelink, University Form completed or Gym Cancellation medical certificate online?

No. These types of physical examinations need to be conducted face-to-face by a GP. They are not possible via video conference call. You cannot use Instant Consult to obtain these documents.

Can doctors backdate my medical certificate online?

No. As with regular face-to-face consults with your local GP, you cannot obtain a medical certificate online that is backdated. This is because there is no way the doctor can determine if you were too ill attend work or school in the past, only in your present state.

This is another reason why Instant Consult is so beneficial – you can stay in bed and still obtain a medical certificate online covering the day you are absent, as well as any following days deemed necessary by the GP for your recovery.

How many days of leave can I get with a medical certificate online?

You can expect the doctor you speak with via Instant Consult to behave as any doctor would during a face-to-face consultation. It would be rare for you to obtain a medical certificate online that covered more than 3 days of leave.

What if my employer/school does not accept it?

When you use Instant Consult to get a medical certificate online, it is just as valid as what you would receive during a face-to-face consultation with your local GP. This means that there are no grounds for an employer or school to reject its validity, and they would, therefore, be in breach of the law by taking any kind of disciplinary action against you. If required, they can validate your medical certificate by calling us on 1300 003 310.

What devices can I use to get a medical certificate online?

All desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphone devices can be used to access Instant Consult and speak to a licensed GP to obtain a medical certificate online. Using the URL https://patient.instantconsult.com.au/, you can log in and connect with a GP via both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Your desktop computer/laptop will need to have a camera, microphone and internet connection for the consultation to take place.

Alternatively, you can use the Instant Consult app on your IOS or Android device. You need to download the dedicated Instant Consult app for each particular device, as you are unable to log in via a web browser on a mobile device.

This is because the Instant Consult app needs permission from you to access your device’s camera and microphone to conduct the consultation.

You can use either a WiFi connection or mobile phone data connection to speak to a GP and obtain a medical certificate online that will be sent to your patient account inbox. The internet will also be required to forward the letter to the relevant employer/school admin.

Is my internet connection secure using Instant Consult to get a medical certificate online?

Yes. Instant Consult uses 256 bit SSL Certificates for data encryption. This is the trusted standard for the overwhelming majority (99.9%) of internet users. You can rest assured that your personal data and any medical information you supply with is totally secure.

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The app was really helpful and the team is professional. Thank you!
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