If you are concerned about your sexual health, then you might be looking for a place to get a reliable STI check in Perth. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can affect anyone who engages in sexual activity, and it’s important to remember that they don’t indicate promiscuity or lack of precautions. Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma surrounding STDs, making it difficult for individuals to disclose their status, even to a doctor they trust.

Here at Instant Consult, we provide a platform for anyone in Australia to immediately connect with a top GP to discuss all health problems – from 6am to midnight AEST. Via video call, you can easily speak to a doctor about your health concerns. When clinically appropriate, your Instant Consult doctor can provide medical certificates, prescriptions, and specialist referrals, as well as general medical advice.

Discreet STI Check in Perth with Instant Consult

For a discreet STI check in Perth, Instant Consult’s online doctors can discuss with you the most effective course of action.

Personally getting STD testing in Perth can bring about feelings of embarrassment. However, you deserve compassionate care without compromising your respectable image. Our confidential STD testing services in Perth offer a solution. By using our platform, you can bypass discussing sensitive matters with your regular doctor while preserving your privacy.

Our understanding healthcare professionals prioritize your comfort and confidentiality. Don’t let embarrassment hinder your sexual health. Trust our specialized STD testing services to provide compassionate support, ensuring your dignity and peace of mind throughout the process.

Why is it Important to Get an STD Check in Perth?

You should consider getting an STD check in Perth at least once a year when you become sexually active. STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) are used interchangeably in discussions and mean the same thing.

What Can I Expect from an Instant Consult STI Test in Perth?

Like our other consultation types, booking an STI test online in Perth with Instant Consult needs just a simple sign-up process – and with private consultations starting at just $35 as well as Medicare cover for eligible patients, it is a straightforward process that offers great value.

Simply log on and request a consult, and you will be connected to the first available fully qualified doctor within 15 minutes.

Once you have discussed your symptoms and relevant history, the doctor will issue you with a Pathology Request which you can print and present or email to your nearest pathology collection centre. This can be done at a time that is most suitable for you; the sooner the better, of course.

Once you have had your test conducted at the collection centre, they will be tested and the results will be shared with us so that we can contact you and discuss next steps if necessary, whether that is treatment options or a prescription.

Don’t leave it to chance, book an online STI check in Perth with Instant Consult today.

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Starting a new sexual relationship

You should book an STD test in Perth if you are commencing a new sexual relationship, have had sex without a condom, or are planning on having unprotected sex – as well as an annual check-up. You should also consider an STI test in Perth if you have any symptoms that might be indicative of an infection, such as unusual discharge, painful urination, or spotting.

Sexual health Clinics

You can book an STD test in Perth at a local family planning or sexual health clinic, as well as with your normal GP clinic. Here in Australia, we have excellent sexual health facilities, but some patients do not feel comfortable talking to their own GP about their sexual health – so there is another option thanks to Instant Consult.

STI testing Referrals

With us, you can request a referral for an STI test in Perth – when speaking to our doctors, they can issue you with your STI test, which you can print and present or email to any pathology collection centre across Australia. This means that you can organise your STD check in Perth to happen at a time that is most convenient for you.

How can I prevent needing STD testing?

There are many ways you can minimise your chances of contracting an infection. Using protection during intercourse is one way of greatly reducing the odds, however, it’s important to recognise that condoms are never 100% effective and spreading an infection or bacteria is still possible.