Why more patients are contacting their GP online

Why more patients are contacting their GP online

With the rise of technology and internet platforms, patients are moving away from more traditional structures for their medical appointments. While there will always be the need for human engagement in the health sector, society is constantly looking at ways to improve the efficiency by which we can deliver health services. Because of platforms like Instant Consult, a greater number of patients are seeking medical consultations from a GP online. So, why is this happening?

It saves time

One of the big advantages of seeking advice from a GP online is the amount of time it saves. Patients are no longer forced or required to catch public transport or drive themselves to their local doctor’s practice. Instead, they can hop onto a platform like Instant Consult and receive medical advice in a more timely and punctual manner. It saves both the patient and the doctor valuable time. It’s also a far more convenient way of conducting a traditional medical appointment, permitting no physical examinations are required.

Perfect for quick appointments

Naturally, not every type of appointment is appropriate for a GP online or that type of consultation format. However, seeing your GP online is perfect if you need a medical certificate to explain your absence from work or university (meaning it’s great for university students). If you are too unwell to leave your home or apartment, simply log into the portal and organise a virtual appointment. It’s easy and less stressful!

Quality doctors are available

If you decide to see a GP online, you’re still getting access to highly qualified online doctors that are registered in Australia. So, if you’re concerned about paying money for a doctor that is unqualified, do not fret. Permitting you use a registered and well-known portal, you will be fine!

Ideal for isolated, rural communities

One of the big drawbacks of living in a rural community is the isolation. Some people are so isolated that basic resources, like access to health and medical advice, is limited. If you are unable to get to your local doctor because of this reason, then seeking medical help from an internet platform is probably your best bet.


Clearly, there is a place in the modern health sector for internet appointments and consultations. If you are still sceptical about the prospect, even after reading this blog, go out and do your own research. There’s a lot of literature on the utility of internet-based doctor consultations. On the other hand, if you’ve come down with the flu over the weekend and need a medical certificate for the week ahead, get in touch today.

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