Are you wondering how to get an x-ray? If you need any form of diagnostic imaging, you can easily get a referral for testing from one of our online doctors with Instant Consult.

All you need to do is download our FREE smartphone app, register an account in minutes and request a video-call consultation with one of our online doctors. You’ll be connected with the first available doctor who, after consulting with you, can send you a fast x-ray referral that you can take to the imaging clinic of your choice.

Do you need a fast x ray referral?

At Instant Consult, our continual goal has been to ensure our service gives people the most convenient possible way to engage a doctor whenever they need. We know that when you need a fast x ray time is of the essence so that you can address the issue and start healing as soon as possible.

Taking advantage of our FREE phone app, you will find out how to get an x ray referral quickly and easily after speaking to one of our online doctors. There’s no need to wait, with Instant Consult there’s nothing in the way of you getting the medical service you need at the touch of a button.

What kind of issues need a fast x ray?

The following issues will require you to get a form of diagnostic imaging in order for a doctor to assess the issue and recommend a treatment:

  • Bone complications such as fractures, infections, dislocations and arthritis
  • Chest complications such as pneumonia, heart failure or collapsed lung
  • Cancers
  • Bowel blockages
  • Removal of foreign objects

What types of imaging are there?

There are 5 primary forms of diagnostic imagining that patients require for different medical issues:

  • Radiography (regular)
  • CT scanning (computed tomography)
  • Fluoroscopy (moving images)
  • Mammography (breast tissue)
  • Angiography (blood vessels)

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No more waiting around for an appointment

The biggest frustration with seeing a regular doctor is that you need to book an appointment at a time they are free to see you, physically travel to their clinic and then spend more time in a waiting room surrounded by other sick people. If you’ve had an accident and think you’ve fractured a bone, the last thing you want is to be stuck hanging around a waiting room just to get a referral for imaging you know you will need anyway.

It’s much better to simply use Instant Consult to speak to a doctor via video chat and cut out all of the waiting time. They can easily identify obvious medical issues visually and send you a digital referral for a fast x ray.

paperless correspondence

Paperless correspondence

A great feature our customers love is that Instant Consult allows them to have all of their medical correspondence collected in one neat inbox on the app. This means you won’t have to spend time rummaging through filing cabinets to find that one letter you need, it’s all at your fingertips!

Reduced anxiety

Some people might feel a sense of anxiety about visiting a doctor in-person and want to avoid this kind of encounter if they can. Instant Consult allows you to get largely the same service you get from a doctor in-person without even having to leave your bed!

This is great for people who have some kind of circumstance that makes visiting a physical clinic an ordeal for them or something they struggle with emotionally. The extra degree of separation between you and the doctor makes Instant Consult a very relaxing and stress-free app to use.

The Instant Consult Guarantee

If you’re wondering ‘how to get an x-ray’, you don’t need to look any further than Instant Consult

If you don’t know how to get an x ray referral online, all you need to do is download our FREE app, register an account and talk to one of our doctors via video chat. We guarantee that every single practitioner you speak to will be Australian registered and fully-qualified so that you can have total peace of mind and trust the advice you are given. You can also learn how to prepare for your x-ray with out 2024 updated x-ray preparation article.

Wondering how to get a fast x ray referral online? Download our app for FREE today and speak to one of our online doctors in minutes!

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