Can I Get an STI Test Online?

Can I Get an STI Test Online?

Getting tested for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) regularly is imperative to every sexually active person’s sexual health. However, it’s an extremely personal process and one that there is still a lot of stigmas around.

Once you become sexually active, you should be getting an annual STI test as a minimum, but many people don’t get them because they are embarrassed or nervous to talk to their GP about their sex life. You should also get an STI test when:

  • You have a new sexual partner or relationship
  • If you have STI symptoms, such as painful urination, spotting or a painful pelvis, etc.
  • If you have had sex without a condom
  • If you have decided to start having unprotected sex with your partner

Luckily, Australia has one of the best sexual health systems in the world and you can get an STI test done at local sexual health clinics, your normal GP, a family planning clinic and more. One of the most modern ways to get an STI test done is through an online STI testing system. Let’s take a look at how it works.

What is online STI testing?

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself and think that there is a new fancy app that can suddenly just give you an STI test through your phone. We haven’t quite got the technology for that yet, but there is a form of online STI testing that makes the process much easier for those that don’t have access to testing close by or that don’t feel comfortable talking to their regular GP.

At Instant Consult, we have an online platform that can provide full STD referral or pathology request for the patient to email or print and present at their local collection centre. This means you can do the test discreetly with a self-collection kit too. Once your results are in, Instant Consult will contact you and refer you for treatment or prescribe medicine if you need it.

Benefits of online STI testing

Getting an STI test from your GP can be a sensitive issue for some people and here are just a few of the benefits of online testing:

  • Enhanced privacy: Chatting to a doctor online can be much easier for people that are anxious about talking in person. They are more likely to give an accurate history of their sex life and are more willing to talk about any symptoms that they may be experiencing.
  • Flexible: We live hectic lifestyles and not everyone has the time and access to get to a GP to get tested. The online testing system allows people the convenience to get the process started when and where they can do it from.
  • Customisable: Because people are more willing to talk about their symptoms, it is easier to pinpoint what kind of tests need to be run and it’s more likely that the process can be customised to a greater extent.

Online STI testing with Instant Consult

At Instant Consult, nothing is more important to us than your privacy and your health. Please feel free to get in touch or book an online STI consult for a quick and convenient step to better sexual health.

by Instant Consult


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