If you need a multiple-day medical certificate right here and now, look no further than Instant Consult. Our telehealth service lets you talk to AHPRA-accredited doctors and get your medical certificate within minutes, wherever you are in Australia!

Simply download the Instant Consult app, request a consultation, and you’ll be connected with a fully qualified Australian-registered doctor in less than 15 minutes. And if everything is in order, you’ll have your medical certificate in your Instant Consult inbox immediately after the consultation – it’s that fast and convenient!

No need to worry about driving for miles or queuing up in a waiting room for hours. Whether it’s for work, school, or to care for someone, getting your doctor’s certificate is easier and faster with Instant Consult.

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What is a Multiple-Day Medical Certificate?

A multi-day medical certificate is an official document issued by a medical practitioner, certifying that an individual requires a period of absence from work or other duties due to health reasons. Unlike a single-day certificate, it covers a longer span, typically up to three days. It’s often necessary for conditions that require extended rest or treatment.

In Australia, these certificates are crucial for securing sick leave or carer’s leave under the Fair Work Act. With telehealth consultation platforms like Instant Consult, getting such certificates these days is hassle-free. You just hop on a quick video consultation and you’ll get your medical certificate within minutes, right from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in Australia.

Do You Need a Medical Certificate to Call in Sick?

It really depends on your workplace’s policies. The Fair Work Ombudsman doesn’t have any definitive guidelines on when medical certificates should be required. So, employers are given free rein on sick leave policies in the workplace.

In general, many employers won’t require one if you miss work for just a day. But for longer absences, they often ask for a doctor’s sick note to confirm that you’re genuinely unwell. It’s also common for employers to request a medical certificate if you’re taking sick leave just before or after a weekend or a public holiday.

For further information on when you should submit a medical certificate, it’s a good idea to talk to your human resource department.

Can I Get a Multiple-Day Medical Certificate Online?

Yes, it’s possible to get a multi-day medical certificate online including 2-day and 3-day certificates. Instant Consult’s online doctors issue both single-day and multi-day certificates. It’s a convenient option, especially when you’re not up for an in-person visit to the doctor.

However, our online certificates can only cover up to three days of leave. This is perfect if you need a few days to recover from an illness or to care for someone. But for anything longer, you might still need to see a doctor in person.

Instant access to chat with a doctor with a comprehensive range of services

With Instant Consult, you can chat with a doctor and get help for a wide range of medical requests, all from the comfort of your home!


Medical Certificates

Are you too ill to come into work and need to give your boss a medical certificate? With Instant Consult you can chat with a doctor and get a medical certificate sent directly to your app’s inbox, all without getting out of bed!



If you need a new prescription or need to update an ongoing one then you can use our app to instantly chat to a doctor who can prepare your prescription promptly!



If you have a medical condition that needs treatment from a specialist, one of our GP’s can send a digital referral straight to your app’s inbox.


Pathology Requests

If you need a blood cell count or to check for STDs/STIs or need any other kind of bloodwork you can easily get a pathology request sent to your inbox by any of our fully licensed online GPs. You can then take the request to the clinic of your choice.


Radiology Requests

If you require any special kind of diagnostic imaging such as a CAT scan or an MRI you can get a request from one of our online GPs which you can then take to your preferred provider.

What Types of Medical Certificates Can You Get Online?

There are several types of medical certificates you can get online, catering to different purposes. At Instant Consult, you can get:

  • Single-Day Sick Leave Certificate: This is issued for short-term illnesses, like common colds or stomach bugs, covering you for a single day off work.
  • Single-Day Carer’s Leave Certificate: If you need to care for a family or household member for a day, this one’s for you.
  • Multi-Day Sick Leave Certificate: Useful when a day off won’t cut it, and you need a bit more time to recover.
  • Multi-Day Carer’s Certificate: Similar to the single-day version, but for extended care periods, covering up to three days.

These certificates can be used in both work and educational settings all over Australia. Also, Instant Consult doctors are fully-qualified and AHPRA-accredited. That means they are as qualified as any other healthcare provider that offers in-person consultations. So, the sick notes they issue are as valid as the ones you can get from your local GP.

How to Get an Online Medical Certificate

Getting an online medical certificate from Instant Consult is as easy as tapping a few buttons. Here’s how:

  • Create an Instant Consult Account: Download the Instant Consult app. Then sign up to create your account.
  • Book a Telehealth Consultation: Once you’re logged in, click the “Request a Consult” button on the app’s dashboard and follow the prompts to join the queue. The first available doctor will connect with you in 15 minutes or less.
  • Talk to Your Doctor: Tell your doctor about your symptoms and any other health information they might need to assess your condition.
  • Receive Your Certificate: If the doctor deems it appropriate, you’ll have your certificate in your Instant Consult inbox right after the consultation. You can then print it or send it to your employer straight from the Instant Consult app.
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Why Choose Instant Consult?

At Instant Consult, we make it our mission to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for all Australians. Here’s why getting an online medical certificate from us is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make:

  • Speed and Convenience: No need to wait for telehealth appointments. When you book a consultation, you can expect a wait time of no more than 15 minutes. This saves time and hassle, especially when you’re feeling unwell or busy.
  • Accessibility: We have doctors available from 6 AM to midnight AEST. So wherever you are in Australia, from bustling cities to remote outbacks, you can get your medical certificate whenever you need it.
  • Qualified Professionals: Consultations are conducted by fully registered Australian doctors, ensuring high-quality medical advice and assessment.
  • Privacy and Security: Your consultations and personal information are kept confidential, maintaining your privacy and security.
  • Bulk-Billing: If you have a valid Medicare card, consults can be bulk-billed for patients 12 months and younger.

Premium Healthcare, From Wherever You Are

Need something other than medical certificates? Instant Consult’s gold-standard telehealth services go beyond doctor’s notes. We also provide online prescriptions, specialist referrals, general consultations, and even requests for blood tests and X-rays – all at your fingertips. Choose Instant Consult for reliable, comprehensive healthcare solutions – anytime, anywhere.