If you become unwell you may need to obtain a medical certificate to present to your place of work or studies. With waiting times for GP appointments and the travel needed, getting access to a GP when you need one quickly might be difficult – and that is where Instant Consult can help.

Our online platform instantly connects you to fully qualified GPs for a consultation – and if it is deemed clinically appropriate, you can receive an online medical certificate that you can forward to the HR department or any other person that needs to see it.

If you require a medical clearance certificate or ‘Fit for Work’ Certificate to return to work or to participate in certain activities, you will need to present to a GP in-person to undergo a physical examination and will not be able to use the Instant Consult service for these types of medical documents.

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Instant Consult is simply the best choice when it comes to getting online doctors certificates without all the hassle of visiting a traditional clinic. Take a look at some of the key benefits of our service:

  • Open day and night; 7 days a week
  • Get immediate service from doctors who endeavour to take your call immediately
  • Talk to fully licensed and qualified medical professionals
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 256 bit SSL data encryption and authentication
  • No more sifting through sheets of paper as all correspondence is stored digitally in the app
  • Easily rate your experience out of 5 stars after each consultation

At Instant Consult, we have strived to create a reliable and easy-to-use system that connects people with medical professionals instantly with the power of modern technology. We believe that in an increasingly fast paced and complex world there should be a simpler way to engage with medical professionals.

If someone is able to use our service to get an online doctors certificate without having to pull themselves out of bed, we have accomplished our mission. Simple red tape issues like getting a medical note shouldn’t be an enormous hassle that requires you to physically attend an appointment.

Instant Consult is leading the pack when it comes to modern telehealth services and it’s easy to see why when you look at how our customers have engaged with the app. People from all around Australia are now instantly connecting with medical professionals, right from their mobile phones.

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