wheezoTM Experiential Program – Filling in a Gap in Asthma Management

wheezoTM Experiential Program

Filling in a Gap in Asthma Management

Introducing wheezoTM – a new asthma management platform

The innovative wheezo device and eHealth App is available to assist asthma management (especially in children and adolescents) via the wheezo Experiential Program – starting 22 July 2020. wheezo will be available for wider distribution later in the year.

Developed in Australia with the support of respiratory specialists and other healthcare professionals, wheezo integrates feedback on asthma symptoms, triggers and medication to support management between doctor visits.

How do the wheezo device and eHealth App work?

wheezo facilitates proactive asthma management, and is especially useful for children and adolescents. The platform makes it easy to share information with doctors.

wheezo device

  • Records wheeze, a sign of asthma.


eHealth app

  • Links to the wheezo device to record wheeze rate.
  • Records symptoms, asthma triggers and medication use.
  • Sends geospecific weather alerts about environmental asthma triggers.


Using the information gathered through the wheezo device and eHealth App, doctors can make personalised adjustments to asthma action plans to suit each individual with asthma.


Early access at no cost through the wheezo Experiential Program

The program is open to people with asthma, especially children and adolescents:

  • already diagnosed with asthma;
  • currently taking medication for asthma management;
  • with a current asthma action plan.


The program includes

  • One wheezo device per family (up to four users per device).
  • 4 months’ free access to the eHealth App.
    Use beyond 4 months requires a fee for service.


Access to the program is limited!

For more information, view the Program animation at https://vimeo.com/437725073/408e6c1203

Register your interest at https://experience.wheezo.com/


Source: https://experience.wheezo.com/

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